In celebration of women entrepreneurship, Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE.SG) has on Wednesday by inaugurated its Women Entrepreneurship Committee (WEC) to broaden support for women entrepreneurs in Singapore.

ACE.SG said in a statement that the move signifies its plans to accelerate existing efforts to foster inclusiveness and inspire women to break barriers and build great solutions for a better world.

According to the statement, the ACE.SG Women Entrepreneurship Committee is set up with the mission to level the playing field for women in Singapore startups, by amplifying representation and providing access to vital resources.

This is done via a suite of engagement activities, from knowledge-sharing events to mentorship programs, to ensure female founders can avail themselves to the best resources.

“As an ecosystem enabler, we are cognizant and always looking out for fresh opportunities to empower individuals and promote cohesion,

“Having our Women Entrepreneurship Committee is a testament to that commitment, and we are excited to expand on our offering of activities to build a more conducive and encouraging environment for women entrepreneurs to thrive,” said ACE.SG Chief Executive Officer Patrick Lim.

Meanwhile, ACE.SG Board Member and Women Entrepreneurship Committee Chair Zelia Leong, said that there is still a lot to be done for women entrepreneurship in Singapore.

“With ACE.SG being the national voice for our vibrant startup ecosystem, it’s exciting to have their commitment to supporting women entrepreneurship,

“I’m thrilled to lead the Committee in paving the way for more women to thrive in the dynamic startup ecosystem of Singapore,” she added.

According to her, the agency also works with like-minded corporate partners who share the same values in closing the gap in women entrepreneurship.

Beyond the ACE.SG network, she said the agency also collaborates with ecosystem partners to exchange knowledge and elevate the impact of support provided to women entrepreneurs across our communities.

“Such partner initiatives include ‘Mumtreprenuer 2023’, a networking and knowledge-sharing event organized by Go!Mama at Seng Kang CC,

“As well as a series of events with CRIB Society to help women entrepreneurs use tech to scale their businesses and match them with ACE.SG mentors,” she added.

ACE.SG was established in 2003 by the Singapore Ministry of Trade and Industry, and re-launched as a private sector-led, non-profit organization in 2014.

The organization is the national voice for the Singapore startup ecosystem, and a key trade association representing the interests of startups in Singapore.

Working closely with the Government and startups, ACE.SG aims to promote entrepreneurship, catalyze new growth opportunities, scale startups and build champion enterprises.

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