Singtel has on Tuesday launched Paragon-S, a digital aggregation and orchestration platform that will empower satellite operators to digitally transform and leverage the newest digital technologies.

The firm said in a statement that Paragon-S is the satellite industry’s first all-in-one orchestration platform that can help operators to enhance resiliency and optimize cost by integrating multiple orbit satellites with terrestrial fixed and mobile network connectivity services and unlock new streams of revenue through edge computing and artificial intelligence (AI).

Paragon-S was developed in-house and based on Singtel’s patented and award-winning orchestration platform Paragon, which has been deployed in five countries including Singapore, Thailand, Spain, Taiwan and Indonesia to help telcos accelerate the monetization of their networks, compute and applications.

Paragon-S will enable satellite operators to offer edge computing to enterprise customers who adopt satellite connectivity to host mission-critical apps, at on-premise cloud at remote sites or multi-tenanted edge cloud at gateway locations the operators own.

Enterprises can seamlessly switch applications between the satellite operators’ edge cloud and public clouds based on their business requirements.

The platform will also unlock new partnerships between satellite operators and terrestrial fixed and mobile network operators to offer a bundled solution to enterprises, allowing them to switch among terrestrial fixed and 5G or 4G mobile network, and GEO, MEO and LEO satellites to optimize cost, resiliency and connectivity performance.

Through the Paragon ecosystem, satellite operators can sell turnkey solutions bundling connectivity, compute and applications for use cases in various satellite verticals such as oil and gas, mining, maritime and aviation industries, and move up the value chain as digital service providers.

“Rapid advancements in technology are reshaping the future of satellite communications,

“Much like the telco industry, the satellite industry needs a multi-network orchestration platform to make it faster and easier to digitally transform and deploy industry use cases at speed and at scale in a number of countries,” said Bill Chang, Chief Executive Officer of Singtel’s Digital InfraCo unit.

According to him, Paragon-S has been shaped by what they learned from otheir Paragon platform to facilitate the transformation of telcos to digital techcos.

“The introduction of Paragon-S will empower satellite operators to become platform companies for enterprises,

“We will build on our existing ecosystem with partners to help operators develop and accelerate time to market for their use cases,” he added.

According to the statement, satellite operators will be able to leverage Paragon-S to enable multi-orbit switching for contiguous coverage in oceans and remote areas, enhanced connectivity resilience, backhaul optimization between terrestrial and satellite networks, satellite data pool consumption with analytics, cost savings and more.

Additionally, Singtel satellite operations will deploy Paragon-S to help manage and orchestrate its multiple orbit satellites and terrestrial mobile network services to achieve greater efficiencies and lower costs while enabling new services to help customers in their digitalization journey.

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