Telkomsel, a digital ecosystem enabler through Telkomsel Ventures, has on Thursday announced a partnership to launch startup accelerator program TINC Batch #9 in collaboration with AppWorks, a Taiwan-based startup community.

The duo said in a statement that the program aims to develop innovative startups to provide digital solutions across various sectors in Indonesia.

Launched in 2018, TINC is Telkomsel’s corporate accelerator program.

Through the accelerator program, TINC works closely with dynamic startups in Indonesia, utilizing Telkomsel’s ecosystem, assets, and expertise to foster innovation.

The cost-and-equity-free program is designed to support intimate collaboration between Telkomsel and synergistic startups.

As a strategic initiative, TINC reflects Telkomsel’s commitment to support the growth of Indonesian startups and cultivate the creation of inclusive and sustainable solutions for Indonesia’s digital economy.

It is noted that AppWorks has boosted more than 800 startups, helping many of them successfully work with large corporations, including Taiwan Mobile, Taiwan’s largest private telecom company; and Wistron, a multinational group that designs, manufactures, and provides services for tech products, via Wistron Accelerator powered by AppWorks.

Building off the success of AppWorks Accelerator and Wistron Accelerator, the firm has joined hands with Telkomsel Ventures to enhance their engagement with startups and create lasting partnerships in the digital economy.

AppWorks will help Telkomsel Ventures uncover new ideas in the digital economy to support its business partners and customers, while creating value for local startups and fostering next-level development for Indonesia’s telecommunications industry.

Through the program, five to six technology startups focused on the Indonesia market will be selected to join the accelerator batch.

Applying startups may focus on any sector or vertical, provided they have a clear value proposition in partnering with Telkomsel, with an emphasis on companies building solutions for consumer, data (artificial intelligence [AI], data analytics, cyber security), software as a service (SaaS)/enterprise, business to business (B2B) services, and fintech.

Applicants in seed to Series A stages, having experience working with enterprises or possessing proven proof-of-concepts are preferred.

Participating startups will gain access to Telkomsel’ and AppWorks’ ecosystems, tapping into high-quality business development opportunities.

To foster collaboration, startups will be directly paired with Telkomsel Business Units, including: technology strategy and consumer product innovation; ⁠data solutions; ⁠corporate strategy, innovation, sustainability, and marketing; strategic investment and portfolio management; ⁠digital advertising and financial services; and enterprise product management.

Telkomsel Business Units will collaborate with participating founders throughout the duration of the program, exploring ways for their products and services to be integrated into the Telkomsel ecosystem.

Throughout the program, startups will participate in a series of activities and events designed to improve company competencies, expand their networks, and build synergies with Telkomsel, including: mentorship and office hours, topic deep dives, subject sharing, and community events, among others.

The batch will culminate in a Demo Day event, held in October, where participating startups will pitch their companies to a select group of investors and potential business partners.

Participating founders will gain lifetime access to the AppWorks Ecosystem, which includes over 1,600 founders and 100 seasoned founder-mentors throughout Greater Southeast Asia.

The founders will also be invited to participate in AppWorks’ regional demo days in Taiwan and Singapore to gain additional exposure from prospective investors.

“As we open the doors to Batch #9 of TINC, themed around B2B Solutions and Emerging Technologies, we are excited to empower and drive forward the next wave of innovative solutions, particularly but not limited to those focused on AI, SaaS, digital marketing, and financial technologies,” said Mia Melinda, Chief Executive Officer, Telkomsel Ventures.

According to her, this accelerator program stands as a testament to their commitment to fostering growth, creating opportunities, and shaping the future of the industry.

“We eagerly anticipate the discoveries and advancements that will emerge from this cohort as they embark on this transformative journey,

“We also hope to see startups within this batch that can create compelling value and synergies with Telkomsel’s business units, fostering mutually beneficial relationships that drive innovation and elevate the industry as a whole,” she added.

AppWorks is founded by Chairman and Partner Jamie Lin, who concurrently doubles as Chief Executive Officer of Taiwan Mobile.

Through his role at Taiwan Mobile, Lin serves on the Board of Directors for Bridge Alliance, Asia Pacific’s leading mobile alliance, in which Telkomsel is also a member.

As a result, AppWorks has built capabilities to work closely with telecommunications companies to support their needs in the digital economy, culminating with the firm’s partnership with Telkomsel Ventures for TINC.

“Over the past decade, AppWorks has shaped the future of hundreds of startups through our accelerator program, connecting innovators and enterprises for mutually beneficial growth,” said Jamie Lin, Chairman & Partner, AppWorks.

“Our commitment to Indonesia began with an investment in 2018 and has since grown to a thriving founder community and investor network,

“This exciting next chapter with Telkomsel Ventures will empower promising startups, working alongside the nation’s top telecom group to supercharge Indonesia’s digital economy,” he added.

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