Salesforce, an American cloud-based software company, has announced the launch of its Salesforce Startup Program in Singapore to foster growth and innovation for the country’s vibrant startup ecosystem.

Salesforce said in its recent statement that the program will provide Singapore startups access to the vast Salesforce ecosystem, including artificial intelligence (AI)-powered products, marketplaces like Salesforce AppExchange, mentorship programs, and joint go-to-market opportunities.

At the core of the program lies its robust community, creating a collaborative environment for accelerated growth and innovation.

Participants will also have access to Salesforce’s dedicated investment arm, Salesforce Ventures, which invests in companies based on viability and relevance.

It is noted that Digital Industry Singapore (DISG) is the inaugural partner of the Salesforce Startup Program, providing DISG’s network of Singapore-based startups with access to the program’s benefits.

To facilitate knowledge exchange, participants will also be a part of joint events and conferences, to build and expand their network.

Home to around 4,000 tech startups and over 400 venture capital managers, Singapore has established its position as a leading startup hub in recent years.

According to Startup Genome, Singapore is leapfrogging regional peers to rank 8th globally as a favorable startup ecosystem, particularly for its ease of doing business and access to top talent.

The ongoing AI revolution also presents new growth opportunities for startups, creating up to $215 billion in gross value by 2035.

“Singapore’s vibrant startup ecosystem offers many opportunities for startups to scale, innovate, and thrive,” said Sujith Abraham, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Salesforce ASEAN.

“As AI continues to transform the business landscape, startups are seeking essential guidance, expertise, and access to trusted tools and technologies to fully capitalize on these opportunities, and chart a path for future growth,

“The launch of the Salesforce Startup Program in Singapore comes at a crucial time, providing startups with the platform, tools, and community they need to succeed,” he added.

Chan Ih-Ming, Executive Director and Head of DISG, said they have built a tech ecosystem where companies big and small work together to thrive.

“Our collaboration with Salesforce will further strengthen the partnership between our base of multi national corporations (MNCs) and local startups,

“This program will help Singapore startups unlock new growth opportunities, and we encourage more MNCs in nurturing more of such partnerships with other players in our wider tech ecosystem,” he added.

Sanket Atal, Senior Vice President and Head of Salesforce Startup Program, said that this program underlines Salesforce’s commitment to support the region’s startup ecosystem and drive innovation, building on the success of our first Startup Program in India.

According to him, Singapore’s thriving ecosystem supported by a favorable business environment, makes Singapore an ideal country to roll out our program.

“The Salesforce Startup Program intends to bring local startups access to a thriving community and platform to reach global audiences and markets,

“These are exciting times and we look forward to playing a vital role in the region’s startup landscape,” he added.

It is noted that Singapore is the second country to host the program, which debuted in India in December 2021.

Since then, it has witnessed participation from over 200 startups, including and unicorns such as Darwinbox.

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