Darewise Entertainment (Darewise), a subsidiary of Animoca Brands and the creator of the Life Beyond game, announced Sunday a strategic partnership with DFZ Labs, creator of the world-renowned Web3 brand Deadfellaz.

Darewise and DFZ Labs said in a statement that they have entered into partnership to support each other’s growth by sharing their expertise in Web3 with each other through an advisory framework as well as expanding their respective communities of Web3 players.

The Deadfellaz community, affectionately known as the Horde, is highly active in the streaming and content creation ecosystem, utilizing their Streamingfellaz (animated rigged avatars created by Hologram Labs) to showcase streamers’ gameplay from Web2 and Web3 on platforms including Twitch and YouTube.

Under the partnership, the streamers’ avatars and content will be utilized to showcase their offerings from Life Beyond, such as the upcoming BOTS game, and the Alpha and Beta versions of Life Beyond that will be available in the second quarter and the fourth quarter 2024, respectively.

To celebrate the partnership, Darewise has acquired three Deadfellaz PFP NFTs and 50 Packs of NFTs of an upcoming Deadfellaz Trading Card Game which will be used for community battles and engagement.

“Collaboration is one of the foundational cornerstones of Web3, and it is a huge honor to envision something new and build it alongside such visionary peers as Darewise and Animoca Brands,

“The exchange of value between our companies means we each benefit from our respective expertise, which grows the entire ecosystem and pushes what we build forward, together,” said Betty, Chief Executive Officer of DFZ Labs (Deadfellaz).

Benjamin Charbit, Chief Executive Officer of Darewise Entertainment, said the Deadfellaz brand is one of the most recognized IPs in the Web3 space thanks not only to its strong visual identity but also to the values it represents and its strong commitment to gaming and the empowerment of its community.

“We are looking forward to our working closely together and sharing each other’s expertise,” he added.

Darewise, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, is a Web3 game technology company founded by veterans of the AAA games industry that is currently developing the sci-fi MMO Life Beyond.

Life Beyond is a gaming metaverse where players embark on a journey to build a new civilization on Planet Dolos.

In this sci-fi world powered by a player-driven tokenized economy, player-citizens can decide who they want to become and the role they want to play in Life Beyond’s complex and many-layered society.

Developed and published by Darewise, the project embraces the open metaverse philosophy to create immersive experiences with an emphasis on true ownership and interoperability.

DFZ Labs is a Web3 company pioneering the convergence of blockchain technology with storytelling, art and entertainment to create products and experiences that redefine the relationship between community and brand.

Founded in 2021, DFZ Labs has a focus on digital identity, creator empowerment and embracing evolving technology.

DFZ includes Deadfellaz, DFZ Gaming, and the upcoming TCG, codenamed ‘RIP TCG’.

Deadfellaz has an active and vibrant community in Web3 and beyond – championing diversity, pop culture and progressive innovation.

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