Linkko, a Singapore-based platform pioneering web3 advertising, has announced a significant milestone in its journey as it secures a strategic funding round led by Web3 Media Ventures (W3M Ventures).

Linkko said in a statement on last Friday that the injection of capital marks a pivotal moment for Linkko, which aims to create a win-win ecosystem for both users and advertisers.

Linkko aims to set new standards in user-centric design and data privacy, ensuring a seamless and trustworthy environment while strengthening and aligning the advertiser-user relationship.

Thus, this strategic investment by W3M Ventures paves the way for an exciting phase of growth and innovation at Linkko.

Linkko’s team also envisions the development of groundbreaking features, expanded partnerships, and a broader user base, solidifying Linkko’s position as a leader in the decentralized advertising ecosystem.

“We are thrilled to have W3M Ventures join our round as lead investor and strategic partner and we look forward to learning from its founders’ experience in the space,

“This investment validates the potential of Linkko while accelerating our vision of creating a fair and rewarding advertising platform that benefits users and advertisers alike,” said Maxime Berger, Chief Executive Officer of Linkko.

Linkko is a platform dedicated to creating a fair and transparent ecosystem where users are rewarded to watch targeted ads.

The platform leverages on-chain analytics to offer ultra-precise targeting to advertisers.

The targeted users can claim their rewards instantly guaranteeing their full attention.

According to the statement, the strategic investment by W3M Ventures underscores Linkko’s mission to empower users and foster a fair model for both advertisers and users.

Amid challenges faced by the current advertising industry, including heightened data privacy policies, the era of cookieless browsers, and shifts in in-app tracking policies by iOS and Android, Linkko changes the way on how users interact with ads by providing unmatched precision while respecting users’ sensitive data.

By relying solely on wallet information, users are rewarded for their attention without compromising their identity. Users earn rewards for every ad watched, ranging from a few cents to a few dollars per ad, depending on the desirability of their profiles for advertisers.

Linkko’s robust on-chain analytics engine establishes precise and verified user profiles from blockchain activity.

Targeting is executed through public blockchain analytics, focusing on factors such as the type and volume of transactions, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), assets owned, and net worth, resulting in hyper-targeted behavioral profiles valuable to advertisers.

This unique model caters equally well to both web3 (i.e. decentralized exchanges targeting high-volume transaction users) and web2 advertisers (i.e. gaming companies targeting web3 gamers; private banks targeting high net worth balances.)

With a focus on creating a secure and transparent ecosystem and a growing demand for its services, Linkko said the firm has already gained recognition for its innovative approach that allows users to earn while watching ads.

“We believe that Linkko represents the future of decentralized advertising and W3M Ventures is proud to be a part of Linkko’s early investors,

“We are excited to support Linkko’s developments so they can push the boundaries of innovation and contribute to the evolution of Web3 technologies, especially in the MarTech sector,” said W3M Ventures.

W3M Ventures is an investment company with equity and digital assets in crypto adtech pioneer platforms and Web3 ventures.

The founders are four crypto entrepreneurs turned investors with a collective experience of 49 years in the blockchain space.

Crypto-enabled adtech was their early focus at a time when bitcoin was the only cryptocurrency in existence.

W3M Ventures’ visionary approach to blockchain and Web3 technologies ensures that beyond their financial contribution, they bring invaluable expertise and a shared vision with Linkko about the future of Web3 advertising.

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