Airo, a brand of fintech firm CP Global Fintech Solutions, has made its official entry into the fintech arena as Malaysia’s first actively managed digital investment platform.

Airo said in a statement on Tuesday that its algorithm-driven system uses an active investment strategy to identify key investment opportunities, while monitoring portfolio risk and returns by tracking overall market dynamics.

According to Airo, almost 73 percent of Malaysians aged 18 to 40 years old admit to being in debt, with more than half surveyed citing financial constraints and inflation as serious impediments to their financial stability.

It opined that to these citizens, a pathway to fiscal security through investments may seem completely out of reach due to a lack of financial know-how or resources.

The firm also noted that many young Malaysians consider their potential as investors hampered by a lack of knowledge of what an effective investment strategy entails — a painful reality in a world where successful investing is viewed as a method of achieving financial freedom.

Cited a 2022 survey by the Security Commissions Malaysia, it said that only 38 percent of survey respondents were considered to have high financial literacy, and only 35 percent of the respondents were shown to have capital market knowledge.

Knowing this, while more learned investors are more likely to actively seek out opportunities to diversify their investments, it said that effective asset management and diversification might be intimidating for newcomers.

It also said that risk mitigation could also prove an issue, particularly for first-time investors — especially those without the time or freedom to focus exclusively on monitoring individual stock performances.

It said that Airo’s investment platform, however, could offer a solution to this as they bring together the best of fintech with real-life experience from their team of professional fund managers.

According to the statement, Airo is committed to helping Malaysians from all walks of life achieve their investment goals by curating personalized investment strategies according to individual profiles.

The platform’s algorithm-driven investment engine assists with this by tracking and monitoring investment opportunities which match anyone’s unique requirements.

It also said an active investment strategy, which allows for the direct adjustment of investment portfolios to better align with prevailing market conditions is generally the preferred plan of attack.

Airo said the firm takes this up a notch through a dynamic asset allocation strategy, adapting swiftly to the ever-changing global economic landscape and tailoring strategies to meet each user’s specific fiscal goal.

Whether these first-time investors want to realize a dream holiday, fund their child’s education, or build a retirement nest egg, Airo said its advanced technology operates ceaselessly, crafting bespoke investment strategies for each user.

In addition to this, Airo also provides automated, algorithm-driven investment services at a starting point of only MYR 50 ($10.70) — effectively removing a massive cost barrier for first-time investors, and enabling them to take their first steps in their investment journey.

“At CP Global Fintech Solutions, we are committed to delivering long-term solutions to help our fellow Malaysians from all walks of life achieve their wealth goals,

“To do so, we use a systematic global macro system to harness the flexibility and opportunities that stem from an active investment strategy — all the better to meet the needs of our users directly,” said William Yii, Chief Investment Officer, CP Global Fintech Solutions Sdn Bhd.

According to the statement, Airo utilizes a modified robust risk measurement system to provide round-the-clock risk management capabilities.

This conditional-value-at-risk (CVAR) system monitors portfolio risk on a 24/7 basis and helps to manage and hedge any possible downturn going forward, actively protecting the overall portfolios’ risk and return as effectively as possible.

Airo said its proprietary technology is also designed to mitigate damage from severe market corrections by being able to handle cash as a safe haven option, as well as employing hedging instruments such as inverse exchange-traded fund (ETFs).

Additionally, it said investors’ monies are held securely in a separate custodian account with Pacific Trustees, with secure AWS servers, 2FA authentication, and biometric-enabled access guaranteeing the highest level of cybersecurity for investors.

It opined that this allows investors to maximize potential returns from multiple streams at minimal risk to themselves or their carefully constructed portfolios.

With a Digital Investment Manager (DIM) license from the Securities Commission of Malaysia, Airo said the firm aims to combine the best of technology and hands-on experience to guide the Malaysian public.

With this, they intend to usher in a new era of accessible and personalized financial solutions for Malaysians, ensuring that first-time investors get the help they need to achieve their financial goals.

Airo is a digital investment app developed and launched by CP Global Fintech Solutions, a licensed digital investment manager with the Securities Commission of Malaysia.

Airo is a digital investment management platform that leverages an active investment strategy to help investors better navigate the increasingly uncertain and volatile investment landscape.

Its proprietary technology seeks to deliver personalized investment portfolios, robust risk management and globally diversified strategies to help the average individual achieve their unique financial goals.

It currently offers four core portfolios targeting different levels of risk and goals, and plans to include Shariah-compliant portfolios by the first quarter of 2024.

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