Dat Bike, Vietnam’s domestic electric two- wheeler manufacturer, has launched its first electric scooter to accelerate green mobility adoption in the country.

The Quantum, featuring a contemporary design and engineered with breakthrough technology for high performance at a competitive price point, is Dat Bike’s flagship model made for mainstream adoption, Dat Bike said in a statement on Thursday.

According to the statement, within the first two days of launch, Dat Bike saw a tenfold increase in customer sales compared to its last model, the Weaver++, indicating a growing local consumer appetite in electric mobility solutions.

It said the number of orders was twice the company’s initial sales projections, who had to take swift actions to increase production capacity and manpower to meet delivery commitments to customers.

The Quantum was created to provide an accessible and practical electric two-wheeler option for the general public, offering a range of first-of-its-kind features and functionalities for an e-scooter with a single charge powers Quantum to cover up to 270 kilometers at a comfortable speed of 35 km/h, with a 7000W motor supporting a maximum speed of 100 km/h.

The Quantum’s 72V lithium-ion battery with an 85Ah capacity allows rapid and flexible charging. It also offers a spacious 41-liter trunk, an industry best, ensuring convenient transport of daily essentials and more.

Engineered with the Cruise Control system, a technology commonly applied in car production, the Quantum also ensures stable speed on longer journeys while enhancing rider comfort.

“The invention of Quantum embodies the spirit of daring to venture and act upon beliefs,” said Son Nguyen, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Dat Bike.

“Sporting a modern, youthful design, suitable for a variety of users, but still possessing outstanding features and performance, Quantum once again confirms Dat Bike’s commitment to customers in terms of quality, service, and long-term development,

“With Quantum, Dat Bike hopes to lead everyone into a greener, better, and more sustainable future,” he added.

In line with this, Quantum partnered with Quoc Co and Quoc Nghiep, Guinness World Record holders, for a unique launch campaign.

The Quantum is Dat Bike’s fourth model of electric bikes, following Weaver, Weaver 200, and Weaver++.

With a mission to contribute to Vietnam’s shift towards cleaner and more sustainable transportation solutions, each model was engineered for upgraded performance and range, and improved charging and battery life at affordable price points.

Earlier, Dat Bike rolled out its network of fast-charging stations across Ho Chi Minh City, allowing riders to charge up to 200 kilometers in 3 hours, or 100 kilometers in 1 hour, aggressively promoting accessibility and convenience of electric transportation alternatives in Vietnam.

Founded in 2019, Dat Bike is a electric motorcycle manufacturer founded by Nguyen, a software engineer.

After leaving Silicon Valley (USA) to return to Vietnam, Nguyen established Dat Bike with the goal of transforming Vietnamese people’s habits from gasoline-powered vehicles to electric ones.

Recognizing that the majority of electric vehicles in the Vietnamese market were imported from China, with various designs but low battery lifespan, power, and speed, Dat Bike aimed to create a 100 percent made-in-Vietnam electric motorcycle with adequate features to meet the needs of users.

With two successful fundraising rounds in April and November 2022, Dat Bike has marked the total funds raised by the company to $16.5 million since its inception.

The firm aspires to become Vietnam’s leading manufacturer in the $25 billion two-wheeler market in Southeast Asia.

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