Gogoro Inc., a Taiwan-based technology firm in battery swapping ecosystems, has partnered Indian oil firm Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (HPCL) to rollout battery swapping across retail outlets in India.

Gogoro said in a statement on Monday that the firm has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with HPCL to rollout battery swapping in more than 21,000 retail outlets.

“India is in the early stages of a massive electric transformation of its urban two-wheel transportation system, and it is increasingly evident that battery swapping is a critical component to broad adoption, so building out the swapping infrastructure is crucial,” said Horace Luke, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Gogoro.

“Today, we are announcing a partnership with HPCL, one of India’s leading oil companies, to rollout thousands of Gogoro battery swapping stations across its retail outlets throughout the country in the coming years,

“There is nowhere on earth that needs smart electric transportation more than India, and Gogoro is joining together with the Indian business community and national and local governments to deploy a battery swapping and electric vehicle ecosystem that is open, accessible and scalable,” he added.

Amit Garg, Director of Marketing at HPCL, said that HPCL and Gogoro are partnering to develop a broad battery swapping infrastructure for two-wheel vehicles that will both grow and sustain a leading electric vehicle ecosystem in India that is safe, clean and readily available across India’s cities.

“Gogoro has demonstrated its global leadership in battery swapping and electric two-wheel innovation and with nearly 500 million battery swaps to date has developed a platform we can embrace and emulate,” he added.

Founded in 2011, Gogoro is a global technology leader in battery swapping ecosystems that enable sustainable mobility solutions for cities.

The firm’s battery swapping and vehicle platforms offer a smart, proven, and sustainable long-term ecosystem for delivering a new approach to urban mobility.

Gogoro has also involved in vehicle design and electric propulsion, smart battery design, battery swapping, and advanced cloud services that utilize artificial intelligence to manage battery availability and safety.

With more locations than gas stations in Taiwan’s cities, the Gogoro Network is a new generation of swappable battery refueling.

It supports nearly 600,000 riders and has more than 1.3 million smart batteries in circulation through its network of 12,000 battery swapping stations at over 2,500 locations.

With more than 400,000 daily battery swaps and nearly 500 million total battery swaps to date, Gogoro Network battery swapping has saved more than 750,000 tons of CO2 since it launched.

Listed on Indian bourse, HPCL has the second largest share of product pipelines in India with a pipeline network of more than 3370 kms for transportation of petroleum products.

The firm has a vast marketing network consisting of 14 Zonal offices in major cities and 128 regional offices facilitated by a supply and distribution infrastructure comprising terminals, pipeline networks, aviation service stations, LPG bottling plants, inland relay depots and retail outlets, lube and LPG distributorships.

Taiwan’s Gogoro to deploy $1.5 billion smart battery infrastructure in India’s State of Maharashtra