GoTo Financial, GoTo‘s financial technology business unit, and Bank Jago, an Indonesia-listed technology-based bank, have on Thursday launched GoPay Tabungan by Jago, a bank account for daily transactions that can be accessed directly via the GoPay and Gojek applications.

A first of its kind in Indonesia, GoPay Tabungan by Jago combines the simplicity of the GoPay e-money service with the benefits of banking, enabling Indonesians to access fintech and banking services in a single application, GoTo said in a statement.

It is noted that in Indonesia, over 97 million adults are still unbanked, and many people also grapple with a lack of proximity to banks, insufficient funds to open a bank account and high administrative costs.

To address these challenges, GoPay Tabungan has been designed to be accessible and simple to use, with users able to upgrade their accounts to GoPay Tabungan by Jago in just two minutes via the GoPay or Gojek apps, without any minimum balance requirements.

Users can also top up their balance through various channels, and make payments at all merchants that accept GoPay, including payments on the Gojek and Tokopedia applications, QRIS payments, as well as offline and online merchants.

Users will not be required to pay administrative fees and can enjoy free transfers via the GoPay app.

In addition, the product enables users to enjoy the benefits of banking services.
GoPay Tabungan by Jago users can earn interest of 2.5 percent per annum on their balance, with the product fully supervised by Indonesia’s Financial Services Authority (OJK) and guaranteed by the Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS).

“In line with our commitment to increase access to financial services across Indonesia, we have developed GoPay Tabungan by Jago specifically to address the challenges faced by the unbanked,” said Hans Patuwo, President of Financial Technology, GoTo.

According to him, the product combines the simplicity of GoPay’s e-money service with the benefits of banking services, while ensuring that users do not need to pay any administrative fees.

He also said that this builds on the firm’s launch of the GoPay app earlier this year, and it means that Indonesians can now transfer, borrow and save money with just one application.

“This is the start of more exciting things to come, and we will continue to work closely with Bank Jago to explore new and innovative ways to increase financial access across Indonesia,

“Millions of adults in the country are still unbanked, so there is a significant opportunity for us to leverage our respective strengths to bring crucial financial services to more people,” he added.

Arief Harris Tandjung, President Director of Bank Jago, said that the launch GoPay Tabungan by Jago is the result of the ongoing strategic collaboration between GoTo Financial and Bank Jago.

“Both companies share a common mission to accelerate financial inclusion in Indonesia, and we believe that such collaborations between banks and fintechs will continue to be key in strengthening product innovation, which will in turn help increase bank account ownership in the country,” he said.

Specifically built as a tech-based bank embedded within Indonesia’s digital ecosystem, Bank Jago aspires to enhance the growth of millions through life-centric digital financial solutions.

The bank develops banking products and services, both conventional and sharia, that can be utilized by everyone, including retail (consumer), mass market, or micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME).

As a tech-based bank, Bank Jago develops Jago App which is particularly designed to be embedded within various digital ecosystems, and can be customized and personalized so it can be compatible with their ecosystems, and also with the users’ personal needs.

GoTo Financial, a part of the GoTo Group, aims to help improve the individual balance sheet of all Indonesians.

To achieve this vision, GoTo Financial through GoPay provides access to secure, simple and responsible financial services, enabling people to manage their finances better.

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