Post-secondary education institution Singapore Polytechnic has partnered the Malaysian Research Accelerator for Technology & Innovation (MRANTI) to foster better knowledge exchange and cross-border insights, contributing to continued progress through internships, joint projects, and international opportunities for students.

Singapore Polytechnic said in a statement that the duo have signed the memorandum of understanding (MOU) for the collaboration that encapsulates their shared vision and commitment to drive innovation, exchange knowledge and catalyze technological progress.

Through the internship opportunities at MRANTI, Singapore Polytechnic students will be able to broaden their exposure to research and gain hands-on work experience in cutting-edge areas such as the development of drones and robotics.

Both institutions will work together to develop an Exploration and Innovation platform inspired by Singapore Polytechnic’s Sustainable Innovation Project, a key aspect of Singapore Polytechnic’s core curriculum for their students to address real-life issues faced in society.

Together, students from Singapore Polytechnic and the Malaysian universities, identified by MRANTI, will work on multi-disciplinary sustainability projects, leveraging design thinking methodology to address industry challenges.

To nurture the spirit of technopreneur ship and entrepreneurship and promote cross-cultural collaborations, the students can also look forward to hackathons, ideathons, boot camps and facility visits.

“We are thrilled to embark on this transformative partnership with MRANTI from Malaysia. We share a common dream of nurturing future leaders in innovation within vital sectors such as artificial intelligence (AI), sustainability, and manufacturing,

“This partnership will also bring education out of the classroom beyond borders
and enable project collaborations between students from the two countries. This also reflects our quest towards constant excellence as we adopt best practices from our regional partners,” said Soh Wai Wah, Principal and Chief Executive Officer of Singapore Polytechnic.

Meanwhile, MRANTI Chief Executive Officer Dr Rais Hussin said that through this partnership, MRANTI will collaborate with Advanced Manufacturing Centre
(AMC) in Singapore Polytechnic to support the development of the MRANTI 4IR Advanced Manufacturing Living Lab, Area57 (Drone Tech Centre of Excellence) and the MRANTI Autonomous Vehicle Living Lab.

“Our joint venture aims to accelerate commercialization opportunities in various verticals, opening doors for businesses within the Singapore Polytechnic Innovation Ecosystem to explore soft landing opportunities in Malaysia through MRANTI,” he added.

In addition to the MOU signing with MRANTI, Singapore Polytechnic will also be signing MOUs with other industry partners (AI Singapore, Singapore Environment Council [SEC], Singapore Manufacturing Federation [SMF], Smart i4.0 Transformation Alliance [SiTA], and TÜV SÜD).

The collaboration between Singapore Polytechnic and AI Singapore will see the joint promotion of AI industry programs offered by both parties, industry benchmarking for AI readiness, AI learning resources and staff exchanges.

As a national AI program launched by the National Research Foundation to anchor deep national capabilities in AI, AI Singapore (AISG) and Singapore Polytechnic’s Data Science and Analytics Centre (DSAC) will push to accelerate the adoption of AI in Singapore as well as grow AI proficient talent pools.

Singapore Polytechnic will integrate AISG’s AI Data Apprenticeship Program (AIDP) into its Minor in Data & Artificial Intelligence, and sell AIDP program take-up for adult learners and companies.

AISG will assist in strengthening Singapore Polytechnic’s experiential lab’s (XLab) staff capability to effectively support industry outreach for AISG’s programs through industry attachments with AISG.

As for Singapore Polytechnic and SEC, both parties will jointly promote and conduct GreenDNA and Eco certification to encourage organizations to adopt a low-carbon lifestyle and green mindset via internationally recognized carbon emission reduction (CER) reports and GreenDNA certificate.

Singapore Polytechnic staff will be trained by SEC as auditors to conduct the GreenDNA and Eco certification, enabling its students and staff to support SEC’s activities in promoting environmental sustainability.

Students and staff from Singapore Polytechnic will also get the opportunity to be attached to SEC to serve as environmental ambassadors, such as Earth Helpers and undertake projects advancing the sustainability agenda.

The collaboration between Singapore Polytechnic and TÜV SÜD will seek to create an ecosystem to empower enterprises to achieve sustainable manufacturing through three phases, namely, awareness and evaluation through Singapore Polytechnic’s Advanced Manufacturing Learning Journey (SP-AMLJ), implementation through the partner ecosystem and creating champions for the industry.

Both partners will also develop content for workforce upskilling training programs with the application of sustainable manufacturing for enterprises, and conduct joint training and certification of workforce upskilling training programs.

Singapore Polytechnic and SiTA, on the other hand, will work together on projects involving the setting up of an Advanced Manufacturing Learning Journey, which will house equipment for Pre-Employment Training, Continuing Education and training, and industry training.

As for Singapore Polytechnic and the SMF, the duo will be collaborating on activities to drive sustainability efforts in the advanced manufacturing ecosystem, which will see manufacturers gaining an appreciation of the phasing of digital and sustainable technologies for the shop floor.

They will explore innovative solutions, which will tailored to the specific needs of the manufacturing sector, rather than offering a generic off-the-shelf solution.

SMF will co-develop, co-promote, and co-deliver a comprehensive series of programs together with Singapore Polytechnic, which are targeted at promoting sustainable solutions and best practices.

Both partners will also nurture and develop local, sustainable manufacturing champions and a community of like-minded manufacturers who can demonstrate the effectiveness of enterprise adoption of sustainability technology and adherence to future sustainability standards.

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