Ni Hsin EV Tech Sdn. Bhd. (NH EV TECH), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Main Market-listed Ni Hsin Group Berhad (Ni Hsin), has inked deal with Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Focus Applied Technologies Sdn Bhd (FOCUS) and Dongguan Tailing Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. (TAILG), to promote electric mobility.

Ni Hsin said in a statement on Monday that NH EV TECH has signed a collaboration cum donation agreement (CDA) with the trio with the aim to assist Malaysia to promote electric mobility, particularly 2&3 wheelers and demonstrate the viability of existing electric 2-wheelers to perform significant useful work in the Malaysian transportation environment.

Under the CDA, the parties have agreed to establish collaboration and explore opportunities to develop, support and enrich the research activities, educational programs and training in their respective fields of expertise, thus creating synergistic benefits to all parties.

TAILG will donate fifty units of EBIXON BOLD electric motorcycles assembled by NH EV TECH for USM to track and collect related data with the support from FOCUS who will provide the hardware, installation, and commissioning on the vehicles for the tracking and data collection.

The vehicles will be assigned to selected end-users with different vehicular needs in order to quantify the vehicles performance and applicability to different situations.

The performance measurements of the vehicles shall include top speed, range, battery capacity, etc.

NH EV TECH’s role shall be to ensure the fifty units of EBIXON BOLD electric motorcycles are legally licensed and fit to be used on the road and to coordinate the distribution of the vehicles to the selected end-users for the study.

The vehicles will be provided free of charge to various end users for a period of one year during which USM will conduct vehicle testing, tracking, data logging, operator questionnaires and interviews, and end of project vehicle inspection.

At the end of the study the end user may be qualified to receive the electric motorcycle permanently.

“We are delighted to participate in this Study which will provide insight on the various aspects of utilization of the electric two-wheeler in Malaysia so that we are able to make improvements to its design and features to meet the expectations of the consumers,

“This will enhance its appeal to the public and encourage faster EV adoption,” said Khoo Chee Kong, Managing Director of NH EV TECH.

According to him, this strategic collaboration enables the parties to contribute to public education and awareness of the viability of using electric two-wheelers to aid the Malaysian government’s commitment to low carbon initiatives, as outlined in the National Low Carbon Cities 2030 plan.

NH EV TECH is in the business of manufacturing, assembling, promoting and marketing of all kinds of electric vehicles (EV) and accessories and development of concepts, facilities and fittings using EV battery systems for the delivery industry.

The focus of NH EV TECH is in smart mobility and its applications with safer and more efficient charging in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly model.

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