Prepare to immerse yourself in the realm of innovation at the “Explore the Innovation Ocean” event, organized through the collective efforts of Jumpstart Media, and InvestHK, as part of the StartmeupHK Festival. This event is scheduled for Nov 8, 2023, within Ocean Park, a cherished and iconic amusement destination in Hong Kong.

“Explore the Innovation Ocean” ensures an extraordinary voyage, seamlessly interweaving profound discussions, pioneering exhibitions, and unparalleled networking prospects. Notable among featured speakers, representing leading companies in their respective fields, are Dr. Jia Zou from Roblox, China, Alex Xu from Leyou Technologies, Dr. Sara Cheung from Asia Era One, and Peter Yan from Cyberport. This occasion is primed to emerge as a catalyst for innovation, inspiration, and meaningful connections, Jumpstart Media and InvestHK said in a statement.

Designed to foster connections and influence innovation, the event features an engaging agenda including thought-provoking panel discussions, exciting shark tank pitches, and unique investor meetings on the ferris wheel. Attendees can also look forward to a job fair, interactive treasure hunt, and various activities.

Crafted to nurture connections and shape the trajectory of innovation, the event boasts an engaging agenda that encompasses thought-provoking panel discussions, riveting shark tank presentations, and distinctive investor meetings aboard the park’s iconic ferris wheel. Attendees can also anticipate a job fair, interactive treasure hunt, and a variety of immersive activities. All these experiences unfold against the picturesque backdrop of Ocean Park, enhancing the allure of “Explore the Innovation Ocean”. This event holds the promise of creating a profound and lasting impact on all those who participate.

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Startmeup is a global platform and community that supports startups and entrepreneurs by providing them with resources, connections, and opportunities to help them grow and succeed. The StartmeupHK Festival has hosted over 10,000 delegates and featured more than 300 speakers from various industries. The festival provides a unique opportunity for startups and entrepreneurs to showcase their products, pitch their ideas, and connect with potential investors and partners.

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