Google Cloud announced Wednesday that Duet AI will now provide artificial intelligence (AI) assistance across an even wider range of Google Cloud products and services to cloud users spanning employees, software developers, information technology (IT) operators, data practitioners, and cybersecurity professionals.

Google Cloud said in a statement that Duet AI is an always-on AI collaborator that is deeply integrated in Google Workspace and Google Cloud.

It said Duet AI in Google Workspace, now generally available, gives every user a writing helper, a spreadsheet expert, a project manager, a note taker for meetings, and a creative visual designer.

It also said Duet AI in Google Cloud collaborates like an expert coder, a software reliability engineer, a database pro, an expert data analyst, and a cybersecurity adviser – and is expanding its preview capabilities, with general availability coming later this year.

“It’s been an exciting year so far for Google Cloud. We’ve achieved some noteworthy milestones, including in the second quarter of 2023, reaching a $32 billion annual revenue run rate and seeing our second quarter of profitability, which is all based on the success of our customers across every industry,” said Thomas Kurian, Chief Executive Officer of Google Cloud.

According to him, the firm unveiled Duet AI at Google I/O in May, introducing powerful new features across Workspace and showcasing developer features such as code and chat assistance in Google Cloud.

According to the statement, Google Workspace is the world’s most popular productivity tool, with more than three billion users and more than 10 million paying customers who rely on it every day to get things done.

Since Duet AI in Google Workspace was introduced, Google Cloud has delivered a number of features to act as users’ coach, source of inspiration, and productivity booster.

These features include helping to write and refine content in Gmail and Google Docs, creating original images in Google Slides, turning ideas into action and data into insights with Google Sheets, and fostering more meaningful connections in Google Meet.

Google Cloud also announced new enhancements to Duet AI in Google Workspace: Duet AI in Google Meet and Duet AI in Google Chat.

To help employees better engage during meetings, Duet AI in Google Meet removes the burden of note-taking and sending out recaps.

It can capture notes, action items, and video snippets in real-time with the new “take notes for me” feature and send a summary to attendees after the meeting.

It can even help latecomers get up to speed with “summary so far,” which gives a quick snapshot of everything they have missed.

For users who cannot make a meeting but have inputs to share, the “attend for me” feature allows Duet AI to join the meeting on their behalf, delivering their message and ensuring they get the recap.

The most important part of any meeting is being clearly seen, heard, and understood, but sometimes things can get in the way, such as camera and sound quality, a slow internet connection, or language barriers.

Duet AI in Google Meet will help ensure meeting attendees look and sound their best with studio look, studio lighting, and studio sound.

With the launch of automatic translated captions for 18 languages, including Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Indonesian, Thai, and Vietnamese, Google Meet will automatically detect when another language is spoken and display the translation in real-time.

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