Singapore’s biggest bank DBS unveiled on Thursday its metaverse concept for DBS BetterWorld, a gamified adventure to demonstrate how the metaverse can be leveraged as a force for good.

The virtual experience highlights the global food waste challenge and what Businesses for Impact supported by the DBS Foundation are doing to address the issue, the bank said in a statement.

Karen Ngui, Head of Group Strategic Marketing and Communications at DBS, and Board Member of DBS Foundation, said, “DBS believes that it is possible to leverage the metaverse as a force for good. It can be harnessed as an interactive platform to increase awareness of important ESG issues and creatively spotlight those who are finding innovative ways to address them. For starters, with DBS BetterWorld, we have chosen to delve into the challenges of food waste and food resilience, issues that DBS and the DBS Foundation have been championing, in a unique and engaging way. As metaverse technologies mature, we hope to create mechanisms for communities and businesses to translate the outcomes of their virtual initiatives to real world impact.”

As part of the experience, players must complete a series of activities inspired by five Businesses for Impact supported by the DBS Foundation and their unique approach to mitigating food waste:

● Brewerkz – a craft beer maker based in Singapore, Brewerkz is focused on upcycling brewers’ spent grains, a by-product of beer-making that is often discarded in the industry today, into food products.

● Breer – a food upcycling startup based in Hong Kong, Breer collects surplus bread from bakeries and restaurants and uses it to brew craft beer.

● GreenPrice – based in Hong Kong, GreenPrice specialises in selling food that is close to or just past their “best before” date, helping eliminate food waste while making food more accessible to low-income households.

● Edible Garden City – operating out of Singapore, Edible Garden City champions the grow-our-own-food movement by making soil-based urban farming and edible gardening more accessible to city dwellers.

● Rooftop Republic – based in Hong Kong, Rooftop Republic transforms underutilised and unconventional spaces in the territory, such as disused helipads, into urban farms.

According to the United Nations, one-third of all food produced in the world – or an estimated 1.3 billion tonnes – is wasted each year. To help address this issue, DBS launched its Towards Zero Food Waste initiative in 2020 to rally its employees, customers, communities and the public to collectively create a more food resilient future. As at the end of 2022, the initiative has generated over 2,000 tonnes of total food impact, which includes food waste reduced, food recycled, and food redistributed.

DBS said it gives back to the community and empowers others to create positive change in various ways.

Incorporating interactive features to drive engagement

Players based in Singapore will be treated to extra rewards which can be redeemed via special QR codes accessed using DBS PayLah!. DBS has also included easter eggs for players to discover, including cameo appearances by popular characters from the bank’s award-winning web series, Sparks.

DBS BetterWorld will be accessible to the public once The Sandbox’s Alpha Season 4 is launched.

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