PrimaKu, an Indonesian community-based parenting ecosystem providing services to improve childhood health and development, announced on Thursday the completion of a pre-Series A round of financing led by Northstar Group and AppWorks, with participation from BRI Ventures and BIG Ventures.

Founded in July 2017, PrimaKu is a community-based parenting ecosystem helping address the challenges of parenting in Indonesia. Through its full-stack digital platform, PrimaKu connects parents, pediatricians, and health facilities to provide comprehensive child healthcare services.

PrimaKu serves as a one-stop solution for all parenting needs across every stage of child development, making parenting easy and worry-free. As Indonesia’s pioneer in digital child healthcare services, PrimaKu is trusted by healthcare institutions, parents, and public health organizations, including an official partnership with the Indonesia Pediatric Society (IPS) as an authoritative expert for child healthcare and development as well as with Indonesia’s Ministry of Health, according to a statement.

PrimaKu offers three major initiatives to help parents overcome growth stunting, including child growth monitoring, nutrition guidance, and vaccination and immunization services. PrimaKu’s personalized growth tracker provides parents with a visual health diary for their child’s growth and development, providing guidance and tips for parents to help their children hit key milestones—such as nutrition, growth, speech, motor skills, and other key areas of development.

Parents can also book vaccinations through PrimaKu, booking clinical visits in 31 provinces across Indonesia in partnership with major health providers. For pediatricians, PrimaKu offers digital tools and guides to help clinics support childhood development, facilitate telehealth services, make doctor referrals, and offer a community to connect with industry peers.

PrimaKu is led by Muhammad Aditriya Indraputra (CEO)–known as Didit among peers–a seasoned startup builder, operator, and investor, whose career includes stints at private equity firm Saratoga, as founder of a VC-backed fintech startup, and former Managing Director of a global fintech platform. He founded PrimaKu with the goal of improving the well-being of Indonesia’s next generation and make parenting much easier, recognizing a disparity in access to targeted childhood wellness services in the country.

“Starting from a vision to overcome childhood stunting problems in Indonesia, PrimaKu has proven to deliver a positive impact for parents and children. According to the PrimaKu Child Health Report in 2022, 97 percent of children (under two years old) on PrimaKu were able to improve their development and avoid malnutrition,” said Muhammad Aditriya Indraputra, CEO, PrimaKu.

With this round of financing, PrimaKu will strengthen its digital ecosystem to more comprehensively support parents, pediatricians, and healthcare facilities in their mission to help children grow and thrive. Through its ecosystem, PrimaKu will expand to provide omnichannel distribution of products and services for parenting needs. The company will also enhance its hospital and clinic coverage across Indonesia to improve vaccination accessibility.

“The landscape of the parenting industry is evolving, marked by an increasing desire for information grounded in evidence and convenient health services that empower parents to make knowledgeable choices regarding their children’s health and overall welfare,” said Sunata Tjiterosampurno, Managing Director, Northstar Group.

“Didit is an experienced founder with a deep passion for improving Indonesia’s early childhood development. Through his efforts, PrimaKu has secured widespread endorsement among pediatricians, while becoming the de facto parenting companion for millions of caregivers and their newborns,” said Jamie Lin, Chairman and Partner, AppWorks.

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