Digital financial planning app CashKu, owned by Advisonomics (a 1337 Ventures investee), and airasia academy have entered into a partnership to offer financial literacy courses in a bid to empower the Malaysian public to better plan their financial futures.

“airasia academy is delighted to venture into this partnership with CashKu. As an education platform, we believe that making financial knowledge easily available for everyone is truly a worthwhile endeavor,” says airasia academy Director Dr Ram Gopal Raj.

He added that the direct correlation between low financial literacy and low household income is quite evident in Malaysia, and this underscores the importance for these courses to be made available to the general public.

“The participants will also learn how to use the CashKu app to manage their finances and potential investments and use it for more efficient and effective financial planning to secure their financial futures.”

Meanwhile, Advisonomics co-founder Asgari Stephens shares that one in three Malaysians consider themselves as having low financial knowledge. And while more than 75 percent of Malaysians understand that inflation means the cost of living is rising, only some 38 percent can understand how that affects their purchasing power.

“The modules we are offering in this programme are especially tailored for the novice and takes them through an introduction to financial literacy right to setting goals and taking proactive steps towards securing their financial futures.”

“I believe this will create a positive impact towards improving financial literacy among Malaysians and help them to better plan their finances,” Asgari added.

The beginner-level courses which are available in Bahasa Malaysia and English encompasses Understanding the Importance of Financial Literacy, Managing Cash Flow, Awareness of Inflation and Its Impact and Introduction to Savings and Investments.

CashKu also has intermediate and advanced modules to promote a progressive approach to learning about financial literacy. The intermediate course would encompass Understanding Net Worth and How to Identify It, Introduction to Budgeting, and Saving vs Investment while the advanced programme covers a Recap on the Importance of Saving and Having an Emergency Fund, Introduction to Passive Investment and Active Investment, Efficient Market Hypothesis and the Concept of Compounding.

To access the course one just needs to go into and search for CashKu. The beginner-level videos are available at no charge while the intermediate and advanced level program are accessible for free via the CashKu app.

This program is accessible via the links on airasia academy’s website.

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