Open Campus, a community-led protocol for educators, content creators, parents, and students, and TinyTap, an edtech subsidiary of Hong Kong-based gaming firm Animoca Brands, have on Thursday announced a strategic partnership with Code Green, the trailblazing Web3 organization driven by a commitment to the planet’s health.

The collaboration aims to help more children learn about climate change by leveraging the power of tokenized educational content, interactive gaming, and blockchain technology, Animoca Brands said in a statement.

According to the statement, Open Campus, TinyTap, and Code Green are all dedicated to supporting the efforts of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD).

This new collaboration exemplifies their commitment to fighting climate change and their belief in the power of education to shape a more sustainable future.

The partnership follows the successful launch of the Open Campus “Climate Change for Kids” initiative, which aims to foster knowledge and awareness of climate change among the younger generation.

The #ClimateChange4Kids campaign, first launched on X (formerly Twitter), has received over a combined 200,000 impressions.

The initiative includes a proposal for a $1 million fund incentivizing teachers to create climate change courses; the “Living Stories” project that encourages communities to share their experiences and climate-conscious practices; a climate-themed sticker pack developed by TinyTap to aid educators in course creation; and a new game called “Climate Detectives: Saving Planet Earth” available for free on TinyTap.

As part of the new alliance, TinyTap will create a new climate change course utilizing the rich lore and avatars from Code Green’s HEALV3RSE game designed by MCSK.

HEALV3RSE is a ‘play-to-heal’ game available on The Sandbox platform that allows players to explore and learn about eco-friendly activities such as planting trees, cleaning oceans, and installing solar panels, thereby promoting a deep understanding of climate change and its solutions.

“We are excited to work with Code Green, which is a partner to the United Nations’ efforts to combat climate change and desertification, by educating our kids about what is going on in our planet,” said Yogev Shelly, Chief Executive Officer of TinyTap.

“By taking HEALV3RSE avatars to TinyTap, we develop a perfect companion to its metaverse game on The Sandbox, and offer parents and kids multiple ways to learn about our changing world in a fun and engaging way,” he said.

Open Campus and Code Green also announced that they will be giving away 100 HEALV3RSE avatar and equipment non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to users who engage in an upcoming joint giveaway campaign, and help spread the message to friends and families.

“By combining education, technology, and gaming, we’re creating a unique platform to engage children and empower them with the knowledge and awareness to tackle this urgent crisis for our planet,” said Inna Modja, Chief Executive Officer of Code Green, Malian actress, singer, environmental activist, and Goodwill Ambassador for the UNCCD.

Open Campus is a platform puts decisions about learning back into the hands of educators and their students by fostering a collaborative environment, enabling teachers to create materials that appeal to the exact needs of students.

Additionally, the firm recognizes the achievements of teachers and content creators who help students seek new knowledge, opening new revenue streams for effective educators around the world.

TinyTap was founded in 2012 as an educational games library. The firm has more than 250,000 activities made by educators and publishers including Sesame Street and Oxford University Press.

Games are created using TinyTap’s code-free authoring platform and can be accessed by parents as part of TinyTap’s subscription or sold directly to families as bundles.

A portion of subscription revenue is shared with content creators based on the user engagement generated by their content.

The platform serves 10 million registered family members with content created by over 100,000 creators.

Code Green is a mission-driven web3 organization that utilizes the power of art and blockchain technology to ignite a healing revolution for the planet.

Their work supports the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD).

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