Indonesian e-commerce platform Uway has on Thursday announced a new round of financing of $500 million.

The firm said in a statement that Uway’s goal is to create a fully optimized supply chain that allows every consumer to get the goods they need in the most convenient way possible.

To achieve this goal, it said it will utilize this new round of financing to enhance Uway’s supply chain technology so that Uway’s platform can configure and supply demand faster and more accurately, while providing better forecasting and inventory management.

Meanwhile, as outstanding merchants are an important part of the e-commerce ecosystem, Uway will also set up a Startup Support Fund, through which Uway will provide financial support to aspiring startups and stores to help them realize their dreams and distribute e-commerce dividends.

In order to let more people know and enjoy the quality shopping experience brought by Uway, Uway will also invest more resources in advertising and promotion.

It will make the name and service of Uway known to every Indonesian through various channels.

In addition, Uway noted that a great e-commerce platform cannot function without an efficient logistics system.

Therefore, the firm plans to invest more in its logistics system, including improving the efficiency of delivery, increasing the integrity and transparency of the flow of goods, and expanding the range of delivery services.

Uway’s goal is to allow consumers to enjoy Uway’s fast delivery service anywhere in Indonesia.

The firm believes that high-quality shopping experience comes from attention to detail and continuous innovation.

Uway also hopes that through the new round of financing, it can further realize its mission and create more value for Indonesian consumers and enterprises.

The firm also expects all partners, investors, merchants and consumers to join hands with it to create the future of e-commerce.

Since entering the Indonesian market, it said the firm has been committed to transforming and shaping the Indonesian e commerce ecosystem by optimizing the supply chain, supporting entrepreneurs, investing in logistics systems, and increasing promotional efforts.

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