Philippine Airlines has entered Web3 with exclusive collection of Limited Digital Collectibles.

Offered in partnership with Philippine Blockchain Week, the country’s premiere blockchain event, the collection pays tribute to PAL history while showcasing the airline’s dedication to embracing the future, Philippine Airlines said in a statement on Tuesday.

Comprising eight unique images designed by artist Trace Orozco, and minted on the Ethereum blockchain platform, each PAL collectible is a highly detailed work of art aimed at discerning collectors.

In addition to the art, each collectible is encoded with $1,500 worth of Mabuhay Miles (consumable) that can be redeemed at the owner’s convenience.

To continue their digital journey, buyers will receive a Philippine Blockchain Week VVIP ticket every year for the next three years, granting them premium access to global thought leaders in a technology that is changing the world.

“As Philippine Airlines continues to soar to greater heights by growing its global network of nonstop flights, so does Philippine Blockchain Week work to elevate Philippine society by motivating Filipinos to embrace the infinite possibilities of Web3 and beyond, said the statement.

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