Haymarket HQ, an Australia-based go-to-market accelerator, has on Thursday announced the launch of the Southeast Asia Tech Immersion Mission.

Haymarket HQ said in a statement that the mission is funded by Investment NSW, to support tech companies and investors from Sydney’s Tech Central interested in exploring and connecting with the region’s ecosystem.

According to the statement, the nine-day tech mission is designed for founders and investors that want to explore opportunities in Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam.

Fifteen delegates from Tech Central will be selected for the program where they will be able to grow their understanding of the tech ecosystem in Southeast Asia (SEA), increase their access to capital and deal flow, connect with customers and build out their network.

Haymarket HQ said SEA presents a large growth opportunity for Australian investors and tech companies.

It noted that the region is home to the world’s fastest-growing middle class, globally significant family offices, venture capitalists (VCs) and tech companies.

According to the statement, three countries (Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam) were selected for the trade mission based on the opportunity and potential they offer to tech companies and investors.

It noted that Indonesia has the largest population in SEA with a rapidly growing middle class and tech sector.

Meanwhile, it said Singapore is a home to SEA’s largest family offices, VCs and syndicates, making it a perfect base for regional expansion.

It also noted that Vietnam is one of Australia’s fastest growing trading partners and home to a large pool of tech

The SEA Tech Immersion Mission is based on Haymarket HQ’s tried-and-tested frameworks that have supported more than 800 companies to expand into new markets across the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

Fifteen tech companies and investors will be chosen to join the program which consists of:

● A nine-day immersion mission: Delegates will embark on a nine-day immersion mission from September 24 until October 3 to explore opportunities in Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam.

● Ecosystem connections: The program will build delegates’ connections with local investors, companies and governments to grow their network and deal flow.

● Pre-mission events: Starting in late August, these events include networking, one-on-one mentoring, and masterclasses.

● Access to resources: Delegates will have access to a dashboard with SEA frameworks and resources to help build their knowledge of the region.

It is noted that the SEA Tech Immersion Mission will be supported by Tech Central-based private investment group Arkblu Capital.

The group, which has offices in both Sydney and Jakarta, will offer delegates access to its trusted networks in the region, introducing them to the right contacts that understand both the nuances of SEA and the demands of Australian businesses.

“Southeast Asia is the next frontier for tech companies and investors. It is home to the world’s fastest-growing middle class, globally significant family offices and VCs, tech unicorns and a large pool of tech talent that is already powering some of Australia’s tech companies today,

“This program is designed to enable delegates to explore and connect with the region’s ecosystem to tap into this wealth of opportunity it offers,” said Duco van Breemen, Chief Executive Officer at Haymarket HQ.

Arkblu Capital Chief Executive Officer Francisco Widjojo said that despite being some of Australia’s closest neighbors, Southeast Asia has been largely untapped by Australian businesses.

“The region – and specifically Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam – offer tech companies and investors huge potential,

“As a private investment group with bases in both Jakarta and Sydney, Arkblu Capital is committed to greater evangelizing the case for Australian businesses and investors to relook SEA and its ecosystem as a serious tech market,” he added.

The SEA Tech Immersion Mission is open to tech companies and investors from Tech Central (Ultimo, Haymarket, Surry Hills, Darlington North Eveleigh, South Eveleigh, Camperdown).

Tech companies must have a minimum of three employees and should be post minimum viable product (MVP) stage.

While the program is targeting companies and investors in Tech Central, other NSW-based companies may still express interest if they meet the criteria.

Applications for the program are open now until 13 August 2023 with participants advised in late August.

Haymarket HQ is a go-to-market accelerator that helps founders to access revenue and capital in new growth markets.

The firm does this through master classes, targeted introductions and strategic support.

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