Sprout Solutions, a homegrown business to business (B2B) software as a service (SaaS) company and human resource tech firm in the Philippines, has finalized the acquisition of Aiah AI, an artificial intelligence (AI) company with offices based in the Philippines and Singapore.

Sprout Solutions said in a statement on Wednesday that Aiah AI, through its technology, automates recurring business processes to increase productivity among companies and divert its focus to more higher-value activities.

By leveraging AI, Sprout Solutions said it will generate more insight and analysis for its clients, as well as further increase the accessibility and efficiency of its platform for HR and payroll management.

Cited the 2023 State of HR survey conducted by Sprout Solutions, it said securing upper management support for digital transformation initiatives is crucial for businesses of all sizes to stay ahead in today’s challenging climate.

Recognizing the importance of this challenge, Sprout Solutions has acquired Aiah AI to help these businesses further improve their ability to make better-informed decisions in order to enhance their HR processes around recruiting, onboarding, engaging, developing, and retaining their best employees.

“The acquisition of Aiah AI to embrace AI in the HR and payroll industry is not just a matter of staying ahead, it’s about redefining the way organizations manage their workforce,” said Patrick Gentry, Chief Executive Officer of Sprout Solutions.

According to him, this strategic move aligns perfectly with the firm’s vision to revolutionize the HR and payroll industry through cutting-edge technology.

“The addition of Aiah AI’s expertise will empower us to enhance the Sprout platform and deliver unparalleled value to our clients,” he added.

According to the statement, Aiah AI will bolster Sprout Solutions’ capabilities in AI-driven product development and enable the introduction of innovative offerings to the market.

By incorporating advanced AI technologies into Sprout Solutions’ existing suite, it said solutions such as the utilization of AI-driven chatbots will enable users to easily access information such as available leave credits, streamlining inquiries, and improving overall productivity.

Moreover, it said the acquisition will pave the way for the development of new AI-powered features and functionalities that will empower businesses with advanced analytics.

“We are proud to be joining Sprout Solutions in their mission to impact the lives of every Filipino by improving business in the country,

“The integration of our AI capabilities into the Sprout Solutions’ platforms will allow Sprout Solutions customers and employees to focus on creativity, analysis, and problem solving: activities which ultimately drive growth and success,” said Gian dela Rama, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Aiah AI.

Sprout Solutions is the largest local SaaS company in annual recurring revenue (ARR) in the Philippines.

The firm offers an HR platform for the future of work with an ecosystem of desktop and mobile solutions that automate and simplify core HR and payroll, recruitment, performance management, employee engagement and benefits, and valuable HR analytics.

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