Orderfaz, an Indonesian fintech startup for social commerce sellers, has on Thursday announced the completion of a pre-seed round of financing led by 1982 Ventures.

Orderfaz said in a statement that with this round of financing, the firm plans to bring on new hires across all functions to drive platform development and market expansion.

It said the company plans to develop an omnichannel marketplace to manage orders across Orderfaz and third-party e-commerce platforms such as Shopee, Tokopedia, and TikTok.

Orderfaz will also develop a customer loyalty program to reward reliable buyers.

“Indonesia’s social commerce segment has demonstrated remarkable growth, but has experienced bottlenecks with a limited number of sales channels available in the country, which are primarily retail and e-commerce,

“We set out to create Orderfaz to provide new avenues for sellers and act as a one-stop shop for social commerce businesses to boost revenue, improve operations, and achieve efficient conversion rates,” said Reynaldi Gandwidjaja, Chief Executive Officer, Orderfaz.

Launched in March 2023, Orderfaz is a payment and commerce enablement platform designed to help brands and sellers improve online sales conversion rates in Indonesia’s booming social commerce market.

According to the statement, the Indonesian social commerce market is expected to reach nearly $90 billion by 2028.

In Indonesia, 80 percent of online merchants are selling through social commerce and around 86 percent of Indonesian shoppers have used social media for online shopping.

The most popular channels are TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Orderfaz optimizes digital sales and operations while providing sellers increased sales through social commerce channels, lower transaction fees, and empowering brands to gain greater control over their digital businesses.

Geared towards social commerce, Orderfaz said it offers targeted solutions to improve sales conversion.

Based on the unique characteristics of the Indonesian market where many online transactions are completed via WhatsApp, Orderfaz has developed a Smart WhatsApp Keyboard feature, which allows sellers to close deals with WhatsApp at ease, helping sellers review order lists, send invoices, and share product checkout links to buyers all on the WhatsApp interface.

Orderfaz’s unified One-Click Checkout simplifies the purchasing process through the its browser plug-in, while sellers are able to track buyer purchase history, reducing fraud risk by tracking the history for each authenticated buyer.

The firm also offers community and training for brand owners to network and connect, share best practices, and improve their digital sales and marketing skills.

It has signed up over 600 sellers in the first two months after launch and expects to double its user base over the next month.

Orderfaz is led by seasoned entrepreneurs, including co-founders Reynaldi Gandawidjaja (Chief Executive Officer), Mohamad Iqbal (Chief Commercial Officer), and Jessica Alvina (Chief Product Officer), former senior executives at social commerce site Evermos.

The management team previously founded companies Popaket (digital logistics platform, acquired by Evermos) and Bandros (SME drop shipping services), and founded Orderfaz recognizing that the needs of the massive Indonesian digital marketing segment were not being met by existing solutions.

“Building off one of the world’s most digitally-connected populations, social commerce adoption has exploded in Indonesia, with sellers setting up shop across all major social media channels and using WhatsApp as a primary tool to make transactions,

“While we’ve seen others trying to tackle Indonesia’s social commerce space, Orderfaz is doing something different in the market. We are excited to work with the Orderfaz team as they build new and innovative solutions for Indonesia’s booming social commerce sector,” said Scott Krivokopich, Managing Partner, 1982 Ventures.

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