Singapore healthtech start-up Speedoc has on Wednesday announced a partnership with Singapore’s primary healthcare provider Parkway Shenton.

The partnership intends to leverage Speedoc’s expertise in providing hospital-level care and expand care options for patients of Parkway Shenton, extending their reach into the community while providing medical care within the comfort of patients’ homes, Speedoc said in a statement.

As the primary care arm of IHH Healthcare Singapore, Parkway Shenton operates over 50 general practitioner (GP) clinics family medicine and in-house clinics island wide.

The firm offers a comprehensive range of healthcare services from treatment of acute conditions and chronic diseases to preventive health, health promotion and screening.

The firm will be looking to roll out 24/7 doctor and nurse house calls, remote health monitoring as well as medical consultations and hospital-level care at home for patients.

“We are taking huge steps into delivering on our promise to build and strengthen the health of our communities,” said Tay Wee Kai, Chief Executive Officer of Parkway Shenton.

Beyond working on the ground, he said forming partnerships with innovative home-care providers like Speedoc will allow the firms to tap on each other’s strengths to provide more timely and holistic care for patients.

“By leveraging technology, we are able to scale our services without compromising quality of care,

“This partnership will also ensure our operations remain sustainable in the long run and our patients receive the care they need anytime, anywhere,” he added.

This announcement comes ahead of the Healthier SG (HSG) initiative launch in July this year, alongside which Speedoc sees an opportunity to provide more well-rounded care for patients and raise awareness on the benefits of longer term health plans.

These include options targeting lifestyle changes from dieting to fitness goals, with the aim of attaining improved health outcomes at scale.

“We are encouraged by the willingness of our partners to embrace new ways to deliver healthcare, as we continue evolving and innovating to develop patient-centric solutions,” said Dr Shravan Verma, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Speedoc.

According to him, the firm’s next steps are to leverage on the momentum created by HSG to provide more technology-enabled, cost-efficient services to patients within the comfort of their homes.

“Further to overall public health improvement, taking reference from other jurisdictions where healthcare innovation thrives is important to us. The examples may vary from potential applications of artificial intelligence (AI) to aid in clinical diagnosis to solutions for smoking cessation,

“No stone must be left unturned and so every potential chance to positively impact our patients must be explored,” he added.

Speedoc recently concluded a SGD 28 million ($20.94 million) pre-series B funding round in November 2022.

The firm currently works with hospital partners such as NUHS, SGH, and KTPH in a 2-year pilot trial for virtual ward services as part of the MOH Office for Healthcare Transformation’s (MOHT) MIC@Home initiative.

The company also supported the Singapore government with COVID-19 containment, isolation, Home Recovery Programs, and Home Vaccination Teams to help the elderly at home get vaccinated.

Speedoc was founded in 2017 in Singapore with a mission to bring advanced medical care to homes.

With the ageing population to address and improved access to technology, Speedoc built a complete end-to-end system for doctors and patients, so that mobile medical services can be provided with ease to people in the community combining telemedicine, on-site doctor/nurse visits, and ambulance transportation.

Its services include doctor and nurse home visits, video consultations, allergy and health screenings, virtual hospital wards, and remote health monitoring amongst others.

Over the past six years, Speedoc’s services have evolved to provide hospital-level care at home (H-Ward®) being a part of the COVID-19 response program, working with multiple hospitals and medical centers to provide virtual home hospital care.

Singapore HealthTech platform Speedoc closes $28M Pre-Series B Round