Pouch.ph, the lightning payment operator in the Philippines, has introduced its latest app feature “Send Globally” to facilitate instant, low-cost, and safe money transfers from the Philippines to any bank account in the United States.

Pouch.ph said in a statement on Tuesday that its customers, including expats in the Philippines, are now able to send Philippine peso to the United States via Pouch’s “Send Globally” feature.

The funds will be paid out as U.S. dollars to the recipient’s United States bank account.

“We strive to improve cross-border payments and make digital finance more inclusive for all. Enabling ‘Send Globally’ for Pouch customers is a part of this,

“With ‘Send Globally’ there is no need to go to a physical bank branch to send from the Philippines to United States bank accounts. Pouch.ph is accessible to Filipinos from all backgrounds,” said Pouch.ph Chief Executive Officer Ethan Rose.

According to the statement, Pouch.ph strives to offer its users a combination of affordability and security in their transactions with its “Send Globally” transactions intending to take only 0 to three days instead of weeks, decreased risk of payment delays due to intermediaries, and competitive rates.

Both local businesses and individual users can now use “Send Globally” to transfer a minimum of $1 up to a maximum of $1,000.

Pouch.ph said it plans to support transactions above the limit in the near future.

“This collaboration represents a significant milestone in our mission to provide seamless, affordable, and secure cross-border payment solutions to Filipinos,

“By leveraging the Bitcoin Lightning Network, and ‘Send Globally’, we can facilitate fast and cheap transactions, making our users send money with ease,” Rose added.

Pouch.ph said it intends to continue to expand into more markets and leverage integrations with international partners to provide better payment services to communities across the globe.

Founded in 2021, Pouch.ph built the lightning wallet for the Philippines so that Filipinos can have access to faster, cheaper, and more globally connected digital payments.

The platform allows users to send and receive payments across borders via the Bitcoin lightning network.

Pouch.ph is also partnered with global digital payments like Strike, CoinCorner, and NeutronPay to enable overseas Filipino workers to send money to the Philippines instantly and with lower fees.

Bitcoin’s Lightning Network is a technology that boosts financial inclusion and the efficiency of cross-border payments.

Pouch.ph is connecting the Philippine economy with the Lightning Network to ensure that Filipinos can seamlessly operate on this new payment standard.

US’s Strike partners Pouch.ph to expand lightning-fast money transfers to the Philippines