Malaysian stainless steel cookware manufacturer Ni Hsin has inked deal with Malaysian oil and gas firm Koperasi Tenaga Dan Petroliam Berhad (BPA) to promote electric vehicle (EV) motorcycles.

Ni Hsin said in a statement on Friday that its wholly-owned subsidiary Ni Hsin EV Tech Sdn. Bhd. (NH EV Tech) has entered into a business partnership agreement (BPA) with KTP to work together and form a partnership to promote, market and distribute TAILG EBIXON EV motorcycles and related products.

Under the agreement, KTP will act as the marketing agent for TAILG EBIXON EV motorcycles and related products to KTP’s members, and its business associates including conglomerates, cooperatives and government agencies.

KTP will formulate the proposals and presentations, and shall, with approval from NH EV TECH, formulate promotional packages for the purpose of promoting and marketing TAILG EBIXON EV motorcycles and related products to its members.

Meanwhile, NH EV Tech will give consent to KTP to use its logo in carrying out any promotional or marketing activities vide online social media platform and other related mediums for the purpose of marketing TAILG EBIXON EV motorcycles and related products.

NH EV Tech will also responsible for all costs associated with the sales and delivery of TAILG EBIXON EV motorcycles to the customers including the after sales support and warranty of TAILG EBIXON EV motorcycles.

The firm will also provide KTP with the standard operating procedure and process flow on the sales and delivery of TAILG EBIXON EV motorcycles to customers.

In consideration of KTP’s effort in marketing TAILG EBIXON EV motorcycles, NH EV Tech will pay to KTP an incentive for the sales achieved on monthly basis based on the schedule of incentive as outlined in the BPA.

For avoidance of doubt, the sales value for each transaction will be determined by the recommended retail price of each TAILG EBIXON EV motorcycle sold.

The BPA will be valid for a term of three years from the date of the agreement.

The BPA may be extended for a further term of one year upon the terms and conditions mutually agreed by the parties.

Ni Hsin said the rationale of the BPA is for NH EV Tech to leverage on KTP’s established network of clientele in the energy and utility sectors, to promote and market TAILG EBIXON EV motorcycles.

The TailG e-bikes are imported from Tailing Electric Vehicle, Dongguan, China by Ni Hsin EV Tech and manufactured in its facility in Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia.

NH EV Tech is in the business of manufacturing, assembling, promoting and marketing of all kinds of EV and accessories and development of concepts, facilities and fittings using EV battery systems for the delivery industry.

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