Ruangguru, an Indonesia-based education technology company, has completed the acquisition of Mclass, an online learning platform in Vietnam that offers live teaching solutions to students.

Ruangguru said in a statement on Tuesday that the acquisition is Ruangguru’s strategic move to expand its reach and increase its capabilities in the region, following its successful entry into the Vietnamese market in 2019 through its subsidiary, Kien Guru.

Mclass, founded by Nguyen Van Khai and Nguyen Minh Thang in 2019, is a platform works with teachers in the country to offer live teaching sessions on mathematics, science, literature, as well as college preparation such as IELTS.

The platform has more than 10 million followers on the teachers’ social media and the teachers’ live teaching sessions which managed to get 85,000 thousand student participants simultaneously and 1 million total video replays for one learning session in 2022.

“We are very happy to welcome Mclass into the Ruangguru family. Together with Kien Guru, we are confident that Mclass’s strong reputation and expertise in online learning can further expand our offerings and improve our business in Vietnam and in Southeast Asia and complement our range of learning solutions,” said Belva Devara, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ruangguru.

“The firm’s vision is to be the leading educational technology company in Southeast Asia and we are confident that this acquisition is a further step towards achieving that goal,” he added.

With this acquisition, Ruangguru strengthens its position as one of the market leaders in the growing ed-tech sector in Vietnam, especially in the upper secondary school segment.

According to the statement, this strategic move complements Kien Guru’s K-12 online learning solution that has been used by more than 2.5 million students in Vietnam for the past four years, including learning video solutions, live teaching, and special features to help students do homework.

This acquisition not only expands learning solutions for students, but will also provide a good opportunity for Mclass teachers to expand their reach and impact more students in Vietnam and the surrounding area.

“Joining Ruangguru is an exciting opportunity for us. We have the same vision to increase access to quality education and provide a pleasant learning experience for students throughout Southeast Asia,” said the Founder of Mclass.

“With Ruangguru’s experience and resources, we can improve our offerings and provide a better learning experience for our students,” said the Founder.

Ruangguru is an educational technology company in Southeast Asia that has been used by more than 40 million users in Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The firm provides various technology-based learning services, such as subscription learning videos, live learning guidance, learning management systems for schools, online soft skills training, and training applications for corporations.

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