Vietnamese private conglomerate Vingroup said Tuesday its mobility and energy storage applications advanced batteries subsidiary VinES Energy Solutions has partnered Turkish Energy Company Altınay Elektromobilite to provide energy storage solutions to Turkey energy market.

Vingroup said in a statement the partnership comes following the global transformation and local market demand.

It said the world discusses decarbonization, net zero scenarios and sustainable energy policies, the importance of energy storage systems has gradually increased.

Cited estimates of the International Energy Agency, it said the total installed capacity of container-type energy storage systems (ESS) could reach 680 gigawatt-hours (GWh) by 2030 in the net zero scenario.

According to these estimates, it said the increase is calculated as 42.5 times between 2022 and 2030, while it is stated that the annual increase in installed ESS capacity worldwide should be over 80GWh in order to meet the current demand.

“The cooperation between Altınay Elektromobilite and VinES will bring a lot to our country, where the demand for energy and production is increasing,

“With this cooperation, we aim to bring the domestic investors in the sector altogether with the right products and competitive prices,” said E. Mert Uygun, General Manager of Altınay Elektromobilite.

Vo Le Duy Duc, Strategy Director of VinES, said with the rapid development of technology, renewable energy sources are becoming increasingly competitive with conventional fossil fuel power sources.

However, he said the challenge for the industry lies in efficiently storing, transmitting, and distributing clean energy.

“ESS will play a critical role in the transition to clean energy. VinES has developed and offered a key solution to address this problem,

“We are pleased to partner with Altınay Elektromobilite and believe that our strategic collaboration will strongly accelerate both companies in bringing the right products and solutions to the Turkish clean power industry,” he added.

Cited the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK) data, Vingroup said the amount of applications for energy production and storage in Turkey rose to 200GWh as of January 2023.

With the accelerated emergence of sustainable systems such as solar power plant (GES) and wind power plant (RES), it said the electrification of automobiles and the increasing need for energy storage required to support facilities and grid infrastructure, and this demand has brought with it rapid growth signals in the energy storage market.

“In this context, we are going into strategic cooperation with VinES, a global transformative energy solution provider with diverse product portfolio,

“VinES will offer the technology, system design, production and verification of the ESS, and we will undertake the sales and marketing of the VinES ESS product portfolio, as well as after-sales services in Turkish market,” said E. Mert Uygun.

According to him, the market size can reach 100 thousand containers based on the application amount in EPDK and the fact that each container corresponds to an average installed energy capacity of 2 megawatts/hour in container-type energy
storage systems.

He also said that energy distribution companies, factories, production facilities, as well as many potential customers and investors, including Turkey, are planning to operate in this market.

At this point, he said companies need such partner with enriched expertise in the field of energy storage, with which they will establish reliable technology partnerships.

He noted that the infrastructure, which will respond to at least 10 percent of the total demand with initial investments, is expected to be commissioned in the next two years.

“These developments will support the development of the electric vehicle industry in the domestic market, which existing city grids cannot cater the simultaneous charging of many electric vehicles,

“With ESSs, energy pools will be created in certain regions and the grid infrastructure will be strengthened,” he added.

E. Mert Uygun also noted that the firm has been specializing in the development and construction of energy storage systems based on various chemical derivatives of lithium ion cells for 12 years, and that they have been operating in the electrification of heavy vehicles and high voltage battery packs as well as container type battery systems.

According to him, the firm’s first goal is to develop domestic technology in ESS and electric vehicle as the market leader.

However, he believes that it is essential to establish strategic partnerships with global companies that are experts in their fields in order to enter the market with the right products.

“In our VinES cooperation, their technology and production advantages will strategically fits with our experienced
domestic engineering to cover all ESS products, our market dominance and speed to facilitate field installations, commissioning and periodic maintenance,

“In addition, when we combine the expertise of VinES in unit cost optimization with the knowledge and experience of Altınay Elektromobilite, we are enabled to offer competitive solutions to the end user,” he said.

He also said that meeting the increasing energy storage needs of the country and taking it to a leading position in green energy transformation are among the firm’s priority goals.

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