Singapore’s property portal has on Tuesday unveiled its new online platform where homeowners can sell their property at 0 percent sales commission, a first in Southeast-Asia’s bustling real estate scene.

The 0% sales commission is made possible by technologies that has built to democratise the selling process – using geospatial data and advanced tools that deliver insights, which in turn empowers homeowners while providing significant cost savings, said in a statement.

For example, on the portal, users can quickly discover how different properties in the same neighbourhood may vary in price, and even see how much sunlight each property receives in a day.’s ‘M-Value’ further assists users by generating an estimated valuation by using machine learning algorithms to analyze multiple geographical and transactional factors.

This is the first time sellers and buyers have a treasure trove of rich and accurate data made available to them, enabling smarter buying and selling decisions. Chief Executive Officer and Founder Gerald Sim believes that the portal will transform the way the real estate industry has operated for decades.

“Until now, homeowners have not been able to access rich points of data that truly determine the value of their apartment or home. Thus, they had to rely on third parties to help them,” he said.

By using’s technologies, he said homeowners can now wield property data to set optimal prices that the market will readily accept.

And instead of browsing many property listings, he said homeowners can now study property values in a 3D map that provides a deeper understanding of the location.

“Home sellers and buyers have been constantly looking to lower their transaction costs and we are here to make it happen,” he added.’s 0 percent sales commission service works by assigning a property concierge to the homeowner.

The assigned concierge is equipped with data tools and insights that reduce the number of steps and processes involved in putting a property up for sale, thus making the 0 percent sales commission possible.

This concierge then provides a full range of personalised selling services to the homeowner.

In place of commission fees, will charge a SGD 150 ($111) administrative fee to home sellers.

Homeowners can get instant and free access to a wealth of data, put their property up for sale and be represented by a MOGUL partnered agent in a matter of minutes instead of days.

Most homeowners in Singapore rely on the advice of real estate agents to provide an assessment of their property. They can also consult real estate agencies for the latest details. facilitates this process by guiding sellers and offering advanced data slicing tools previously available only on financial trading portals.

With a few clicks, users can locate their property on Singapore’s most advanced 3D real-estate map and access visualised data.

The contextual data includes detailed maps and analyses of the latest property transactions in the area, nearest amenities, environment data like the amount of sunlight a unit receives at any point of time in the day, and more.

Users can dive deeper by slicing the data with filters and dynamic graphing tools. not only saves stakeholders time and money, it also reduces the property industry’s carbon footprint by digitalising many processes and eliminating unnecessary transport costs and emission.

“The process of selling a home can be expensive, time-consuming and requires a lot of trips for clients and real estate agents,

“But with our data tools, 3D Maps and our 0 percent sales commission service, it’s possible to save costs and lower the carbon footprint associated with selling a home,” said Sim.

“ invites everyone to adopt its free tools to save time and money,

“In the near future, we hope to extend our readily available solutions to real estate developers and government institutions to reduce the carbon footprint generated by the real estate industry,” he added. is a Singapore-based PropTech company that harnesses geospatial data insights to improve productivity and to create hyperlocal, personalised experiences for respective real estate stakeholders.

Utilising cutting-edge tech in our products such as our 3D Map and DataSuite, MOGUL’s vision is to transform and radicalise the real estate journey for each and every individual.

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