GoPay has on Wednesday announced that GoPay Coins, the unified rewards program used by GoTo Group, has been expanded beyond the GoTo ecosystem.

Starting from today, users in Indonesia can collect and redeem GoPay Coins when transacting online and offline merchants that offer GoPay as a payment method, such as Cinema XXI, Hypermart, Bluebird and more, GoTo said in a statement.

First launched in October 2021, GoPay Coins are awarded to users when they transact via GoPay.

GoPay Coins can then be exchanged to obtain discounts on future transactions.

With the latest expansion of GoPay Coins to encompass external merchants, users can look forward to added benefits as well as greater flexibility when transacting with GoPay.

Users now have more opportunities to obtain cashback in the form of GoPay Coins, enabling them to directly offset costs on their next transaction and reap savings in the long term.

In addition, GoPay Coins offers a high level of flexibility, with users having the freedom to choose when and on which transactions to utilize their cashback benefits.

GoPay Coins are eligible for use in all types of transactions across Gojek and Tokopedia as well as external merchants that offer GoPay.

The enhanced ability for users to utilize GoPay Coins will also benefit the wider GoTo Group, by encouraging further usage of GoTo’s services as well as increasing loyalty within the GoTo ecosystem.

GoPay Coins was fully rolled out across GoTo’s ecosystem in June 2022, strengthening user engagement while contributing positively to overall performance.

In the third quarter of 2022, increased utilization of GoPay Coins led to 2.3 times higher conversion for cross-platform user acquisition from Gojek to Tokopedia or vice versa, compared to other incentives, and lowered customer acquisition costs by 20 percent compared with standalone platform incentives.

“The expansion of GoPay Coins is part of our longstanding commitment to provide consumers with the most seamless experience when they use GoTo’s services,” said Hans Patuwo, President, Financial Technology, GoTo.

“Giving users new ways to utilize GoPay Coins will further enhance GoPay’s ubiquity in Indonesia,

“At the same time, it will strengthen user engagement while enabling greater synergies to be unlocked across the various GoTo platforms, providing benefits for everyone in our ecosystem,” he added.

Kelvin Timotius, Head of User Spend, GoPay, said: “We are excited to expand GoPay Coins and give our users new ways to utilize their rewards, both within and beyond the GoTo ecosystem.”

“GoPay Coins was fully rolled out across the entire GoTo ecosystem last year as part of our integration efforts, and in just a short period of time, we have received great feedback on the program,

“Our latest move to increase GoPay Coins’ use cases is part of our continued efforts to reward users for more types of transactions, while providing them with the best experience on our platforms,” he added.

All users in the GoTo ecosystem can collect and redeem GoPay Coins in just a few simple steps.

Gojek users should ensure they are using the latest version of the Gojek application and select GoPay Coins when making payment, while Tokopedia users will need to first connect their Tokopedia accounts with GoPay to begin using GoPay Coins.

The value of 1 (one) GoPay Coin is equivalent to IDR 1 (one rupiah), with each GoPay Coin having a one year validity period for redemption.

GoPay is a leading payment and financial services provider in Indonesia that aims to improve lives and promote financial inclusion by helping millions of Indonesians access digital banking, investment and insurance services.

Goto is the largest digital ecosystem in Indonesia. Its mission is to “empower progress” by offering technology infrastructure and solutions that help everyone to access and thrive in the digital economy.

The GoTo ecosystem consists of on-demand services (mobility, food delivery, and logistics), e-commerce (third party marketplaces + official stores, instant commerce, interactive commerce, and rural commerce), and financial technology (payments, financial services, and technology solutions for merchants) through the Gojek, Tokopedia, and GoTo Financial platforms.

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