Government agency Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has partnered with Indonesian investment platform ANGIN on NINJA accelerator program 2022.

The three Indonesian startups selected as NINJA 2022 Cohort are: Bell Society, CarbonEthics, and Surplus Indonesia, both parties said in a statement.

Ranging from pre-seed to pre-series A stage, the startups provide solutions in waste management and low carbon emission areas.

For the past three months, these startups have been going through a curated selection process with the other 256 applicants and equipped with mentoring sessions.

What differentiates this program is the Cohorts are fully supported by the tailored mentoring sessions covering four topics: Business, Fundraising, Japan Business Culture, and Pitch Coaching, with the Impact consultation sessions.

Closing the program, Demo Day in Jakarta has been conducted to support the startups in showcasing their business to curated with local, regional, Japanese, and global investors.

“JICA believes all three start-ups have great potential to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) such as climate change and food waste, and also scaling to larger business size,

“We hope that today’s session will lead to partnerships between start-ups and you all, which will be significant to solving social problems in Indonesia,” said Takehiro Yasui, Chief Representative of JICA Indonesia Office.

According to the statement, 83 attendees actively participated, including the investors, partners, governments, Indonesian startups, and media.

NINJA 2022 Cohorts have been engaged intimately with the attendees, where both parties exchanged feedback to boost the business growth, strategy, and operation, as well as exploring further collaboration opportunities.

To strengthen the connection, the attendees also had the opportunity for networking and exploring business and investment opportunities at the end of the event.

JICA is a governmental agency that delivered the bulk of Official Development Assistance (ODA) under the government of Japan.

It is chartered with assisting economic and social growth in developing countries, and promotion of international cooperation.

ANGIN is Indonesia’s first and largest tech-enabled early stage investment platform and development advisory consulting company, working to build a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The shareholders and team strive to support Indonesia’s economic development by investing in the next generation of entrepreneurs and by bringing best in class practices to Indonesian early stage investment.

The NINJA 2022 Cohorts:

Bell Society
Bell Society develops and produces biomaterial leather by converting coffee ground waste, as well as other organic waste.

Leather is used as bags, shoes, wallet materials. Bell Society sources coffee and organic waste from cafes, restaurants and directly from coffee farmer cooperatives.

Their growth plans will include the scale and global distribution in order to be the global brands and have collaboration all over the world within the next 2 years.


CarbonEthics supports institutions and individuals on climate action through carbon calculation and carbon offset via community-based mangrove conservation.

CarbonEthics plans to enter the global carbon credit market by providing verified carbon projects and expanding its ecosystem expertise from blue carbon to the wider Nature Climate Solutions.

Surplus Indonesia

Surplus Indonesia is a mobile application-based marketplace for food merchants to sell overproduced meals and food items at discounted prices, allowing food merchants to generate revenue from imperfect and near expired date (NED) products, and reduce waste management expenses, while also allowing consumers to discover good quality and edible food at affordable prices.

Surplus Indonesia aims to boost their B2C and B2B strategy and expand the operations.

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