MYStartup, an initiative by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) in Malaysia and powered by Malaysia’s early-stage startup influencer Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd (Cradle), has embarked on a new partnership with airasia academy to make knowledge and education fundamentals more accessible to its startup community.

In a statement, MYStartup said as part of its efforts in building up and strengthening the Malaysian startup ecosystem, major corporations have been identified as strategic partners to ensure the ecosystem’s holistic growth.

This latest partnership with airasia academy reaffirms MYStartup’s vision through a specific initiative of helping entrepreneurs and startups alike accelerate their upskilling efforts through accessible guided learning content.

According to the statement, education and knowledge have always been at the forefront of any company culture that demands innovation and enhanced growth. Especially more so now, with today’s rapid technological advancements in the world, learning has become even more crucial for startups to keep up with the latest knowledge and trends in their respective industries.

MYStartup has recognised that by helping provide entrepreneurs and startups with a tool they can use to upskill themselves, they will be able to solidify their foundation, adapt through changing environments, solve current gaps, and constantly stay ahead of their competition.

Airasia academy is a one-stop tech, leadership and innovation academy aimed at supercharging the digital economy within the ASEAN region.

Airasia academy, along with MYStartup, prides itself in being the key player to bridge the gap between tertiary education and advanced industries for Malaysians in the startup scene, aiding those looking for additional courses and certifications that may not be offered in the public education system.

MYStartup and airasia academy are working together to offer courses ranging from coding to digital marketing, cybersecurity, and software engineering, covering many essential skills and aspects of a startup journey.

The one-stop learning hub for anyone to complete their startup needs will be curated and led by industry experts and top universities around the world and will not only allow the startup community, but also those who are exploring starting up their own company to equally benefit from this new course.

Users will not only have access to a wide range of skills and courses, but upon completion of each course, they will be awarded an airasia academy certification that is supported by Google Cloud and recognized by HRD Corp, MOSTI and the Malaysian Academic Consortium.

“Through the provision of these courses on airasia academy, we at MYStartup, hope to empower the local startup community as we strive to become one of the best startup ecosystems regionally and globally,” said Ahmad Kashfi Alwi, Senior Vice President of Ecosystem Development, Cradle.

“It is through our continuous efforts we hope to ensure that the startups within our network are fully equipped and have the added advantage to take on real-world challenges that might face them ahead,

“Be it to increase productivity, profitability, or to improve employee engagement and retention, they will be provided with the best learning platform to upskill and reskill in their journey to becoming leaders in their fields,” he added.

According to Kashfi, the startups will have access to new knowledge and the ability to reach new heights under the guidance of top experts in the industry.

He hopes that through this initiative, Malaysia’s local startups will be able to build a strong foundation for themselves as they take their businesses to the next level.

Cradle is incorporated in 2003 with a mandate to fund potential and high-calibre tech startups through its Cradle Investment Programme (CIP). The firm is presently administered by MOSTI.

“In our endeavour to facilitate the local startup community keep up with the digital age and help them grow our nation’s economy, it is essential that we support the startups and the dynamism that they bring,” said Airasia academy Strategy and Innovation Director Ram Gopal Raj.

“Airasia academy is proud to furnish the educational needs of the startups by forming part of the talent and knowledge hub that will help them and the Malaysian startup ecosystem in general, prosper,

“However, everybody can benefit from this wealth of knowledge and I welcome all users regardless of their backgrounds to check out airasia academy and the vast reskill/upskill courses that we offer,” he added.

Launched in October 2020, airasia academy is a one-stop tech, leadership and innovation academy aimed at supercharging the digital economy within the ASEAN region.

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