Techmurah, a Malaysia-based electronic devices e-commerce platform, on Friday (Nov 4) announced its collaboration with Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) to nurture green tech entrepreneurs among youth to create a greener environment.

Techmurah and APU said in a statement they have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to formalise the collaboration.

They said through training programmes, university students will learn about the information technology (IT) gadgets refurbished market and sales-related knowledge.

The programmes aim to nurture more young green tech entrepreneurs with sustainable income and help the lower income community.

Techmurah and ARP Electronic Services Sdn Bhd Founder Danny Ng said the signing of the MoU will create a win-win situation for all as students, the university, Malaysia, people and Mother Earth will benefit from the collaboration.

According to him, providing training to students, nurturing the next generation of green entrepreneurs would allow them to earn sustainable income.

He opined that through this programme, the university will benefit as it helps to create a net-zero carbon emissions environment.

“For every refurbished laptop sold, it will help to reduce carbon footprint by 350kg. For every refurbished computer monitor sold, this will reduce 233kg carbon footprint,” he said.

He said that using refurbished electronic devices is also in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN Sustainable Development Goals).

“Purchasing refurbished computers have reduced the cost of owning a computer for the lower income households,

“When there are more people using refurbished computers, this will helps to reduce electronic wastes and minimize the impact of electronic wastes to our environment. Therefore, Mother Earth is the ultimate winner,” he added.

He also noted that this training programme will benefit university students and nurture more future green entrepreneurs.

Besides allowing them to earn sustainable and stable income, this will help to create a greener society, he said.

Techmurah is a electronic devices e-commerce platform wholly-owned by ARP Electronic Services Sdn Bhd. Established in 2020, ARP Electronic Services is a green technology factory that specialises in refurbished, repair and remarketing of used IT gadgets.

The firm is now one of the largest electronic devices reconditioned and recommerce platforms in the country.

Through repair, recycle and refurbishment of used computers and laptops, the company makes it more affordable for Malaysians, especially the lower income families, to own a computer and at the same time creating a sustainable, greener environment.

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