We are thrilled to announce the full list of finalists for the third edition of the ORIGIN Innovation Awards.

The third iteration of ORIGIN Innovation Awards launched with the theme “Sustainable Innovations, Lasting Impacts.” This year’s awards focus on how innovations are making an impact on sustainable development goals.

Nominations for the ORIGIN Innovation Awards began on June 15, 2022 and ended on August 31, 2022. The eligible nominees across the 10 Categories were put up for judging and public voting from October 3, 2022 to October 28, 2022. Final decisions about the awards were made by a committee of advisors, informed by public voting.

Together with the all-star advisory team, TechNode Global spent close to two weeks evaluating every nomination and determining the finalists. The ORIGIN Innovation Awards advisory committee is made up of representatives from the following partners:

AC Ventures, Fuchsia Venture Capital, Gobi Partners, Kairous Capital, Ondine Capital, Vertex Ventures, and 500 TukTuks.

Strategic Partners:
Alibaba Cloud, BLOCK71, MRANTI, Tencent WeStart (Hong Kong), The Great Room Thailand, WORQ, Athena Mentor, and Tilleke & Gibbins

Supporting Partners:
Brinc, Disrupt Technology Venture, HKSTP, Lever VC, Manila Angel Investors Network, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation, New Energy Nexus, Plug and Play APAC, REAPRA, RISE Corporate Innovation Powerhouse, RevvX Ventures, Sasin Sustainability & Entrepreneurship Center, Singapore Management University, Startup Grind, True Digital Park, TechShake, Cyberport, Techsauce, and Disrupt Impact Fund

Here are the finalists for ORIGIN Innovation Awards 2022:

Startup Leader of the Year:

Startup Trailblazers

A well-deserved recognition to new, up-and-coming startups that emerge victorious in 2021, whilst supporting the agenda for a sustainable economy and inclusive society.

  1. Solos empowers solo entrepreneurs to scale their businesses in a democratized and sustainable way. It is building a future-of-work platform that allows people to shift away from traditional “full-time” employment to an independent and flexible model. Solos wants to triple the income of 10,000 Southeast Asian entrepreneurs and talents in 5 years.
  2. PEEL LAB is a plant-based leather made from leftover pineapple leaves and coconut husk.
  3. Blue Elephants Solutions is on a mission to save companies billions of dollars by making learning and development investments sustainable. The Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve describes how knowledge and skills need to be repeated and reinforced or else 50 percent will be forgotten after just one day and 90 percent after one month. Blue Elephants’ products Knowledge Empire and Knowledge Gym are AI-driven knowledge retention apps that automatically reinforce relevant content at the ideal time to minimize learning time and maximize knowledge retention.
  4. Visionaries 777 believes in elevating people’s skills through XR & digital twins instead of replacing them with robots
  5. Saptkrishi Scientific Private Limited. Also known as Surprize, the company is creating a service it believes will be able to impact each and everyone regardless of market, origin, demographics, or any criteria. “We are all consumers by nature, and our service would have the capability and impact to be relevant to almost everyone.”

Future-Proofing Heroes

An unparalleled title to award the visionaries and ‘heroes’ that are dedicated to creating positive impacts for our future generations.

  1. Edukasyon.ph. Since 2015, Edukasyon has been on a mission to ensure that every Filipino learner is empowered through the experience of quality education to be successful in life through education technology.
  2. Vulcan Coalition: The adventure of Vulcan Coalition began in 2020 when our two co-founders, one is an expert in the AI industry, the other in people with disabilities (PWDs), met and shared their experiences with each other. They both then discovered opportunities to solve the pain points of their own working fields. Nowadays, the AI industry in Thailand is lacking in data labeling workers while lots of Thai PWDs are still looking for employment. Thus, Vulcan Coalition was founded with the objective of both developing new innovative AI technologies and improving the quality of life of PWDs
  3. Shiok Meats Pte. Ltd.: Shiok Meats’ is a cultivated food tech company that aspires to future proof our food supply and strengthen our global food security. A global food tech leader, Shiok Meats shall mentor new start-ups and individuals committed to growth and sustainability in the cultivated seafood and meats space.
  4. SEPPURE: SEPPURE is a cleantech startup providing nanofiltration membrane technology for sustainable chemical separation processes. By changing the driving force of separation from thermal to mechanical, we enable the industrial sector to cut their energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 90% while reducing the OPEX of related processes by 50%. Ultimately, essential products will be more affordable, safer and more sustainable, and consumers will thrive in a greener environment.
  5. Kipin: Kipin – Pendidikan.id is a leading edtech B2B2C company in Indonesia with the vision to democratize learning nationwide. Kipin is the leader in ‘hybrid’ edtech solutions, enabling equal access to educational content and learning — with or without internet access.

Pandemic Growth Warriors

An icing-on-the-cake award for solution providers that experienced tremendous growth amidst the pandemic, recognising their valuable positive contributions to humanity.

  1. Keyta: Keyta is building the world’s first complete solution for chat commerce. We are an agnostic keyboard technology accessible and applicable for all individuals, ranging from personal use to businesses, to even enterprises.
  2. PriyoShop: PriyoShop is a B2B marketplace in Bangladesh that empowers MSMEs by connecting them directly to suppliers in an attempt to fix the fragmented supply chain. PriyoShop is digitalizing B2B trade for the unorganized retail sector in Bangladesh.
  3. RPG Commerce: Founded in 2017, RPG Commerce is a leading direct-to-consumer (DTC) social e-commerce company dedicated to building cutting-edge everyday essentials. With an in-house portfolio ranging from innovative active wear to home and living products, RPG currently carries an in-house brand portfolio of 10+ brands, including Thousand Miles, Bottom Labs, Eubi, Montigo and Cosmic Cookware.
  4. Virtualtech Frontier (VTF):: VTF is a virtual and metaverse development company pushing through next generation engagements via purposeful driven metaverses. We strive to empower everyone to own their own metaverses for a virtual economic future. With this, we believe in allowing individuals to own their metaverses as easy as possible, thus developing MITOWORLD, our metaverse development platform that enables easy interoperable metaverses into the palm of everyone’s hands.
  5. Investree Philippines: Investree stands firm in its commitment to empower Filipino Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to grow their businesses by providing them innovative, transparent, and viable financing services. Since 2020, we have been able to serve 100+ SMEs and funded 400+ notes.

Enterprise Tech Superstars

An award to spotlight startups that deliver creative and innovative solutions for supply chains and other businesses. Bonus points if the solution aids enterprises to improve their SDG commitments.

  1. Aspire: We are focused on serving new-age businesses that are operating in the modern era which need better, and more digitally connected solutions to their modern workflows. These businesses normally rely on digital software for their end-to-end, and this is where Aspire comes with our all-in-one account, to help them manage all their business finances in one place.
  2. Medici Vietnam: Medici is well-positioned to fill the stark gap in the Vietnam insurance and healthcare market of Vietnam, where there’s a relatively low 1:1,000 doctor-to-patient ratio and 2.8 percent insurance penetration rate. In past 1 year, Medici has grown to be the leading insurtech player in Vietnam, owning a network of tech-enabled agents and 35 offices across Vietnam. Medici also has grown an unique in-house doctor influencer network, with partnerships with over 50 hospitals and clinics for health screenings, a drugs and supplements marketplace, and over 100,000 e-health profiles documented on our platform.
  3. ALAMI: ALAMI has started with sharia-compliant Peer-to-Peer Lending platform since 2019 and has disbursed with total $230million with Non-Performing Loan at 0 percent which $8.7million has been disbursed to fish farmers.
  4. Lightwork AI Company Limited: The automation software space is one of the fastest-growing segments of enterprise software globally. Lightwork stands out from the generalized global solutions in the automation software space by taking a deeper, more verticalized focus offering more localization and integrated sector expertise, as market demand is shifting towards solutions that specialize in doing certain things well as opposed to broad, one size fits all offerings. Built specifically to address Southeast Asia pain points, Lightwork’s integrations, design, intelligent language processing, and pricing are tailored specifically for the region’s technical and commercial needs.
  5.  Finantier: We are the leading Open Finance platform for Southeast Asia, accelerating financial inclusion across the region by providing a comprehensive suite of data products that enable consumers to access fairer and better financial services.

Smart City Idols

A ‘public service’ award to acknowledge startups and entrepreneurs that relentlessly leverage on technology to deliver solutions that upgrades our living environment and city infrastructure.

  1. AMODA: The conventional construction, that has existed for the last 120 years, has been the continuing driver of why the sector is filled with inefficiencies. 9 and 7 out of 10 projects experience cost and schedule overruns, respectively. Nearly 50 percent of the time is utilized for fixing mistakes, looking for project data, and managing conflict resolution. Through our tech-enabled property management and construction solutions, we increase productivity and transparency in the real estate market by making cost-effective, sustainable, time-efficient, and flexible construction accessible to everyone.
  2. Solar AI Technologies: Solar AI Technologies is a Singapore-based, digital-first solar company with a mission to provide all property owners with access to zero upfront cost solar. Currently, around 85% of property owners don’t have access to zero upfront cost solar offers, hindering higher solar adoption rates.
  3. Widuz: At Widuz we have developed a patented process to transform bamboo, one of the world’s fastest-growing plant and a highly renewable resource into a high-performance biocompatible composite named BVL™ (Bamboo Veneer Lumber) for applications within construction industry. BVL™ is 3 times stronger than timber and unlike timber it is not susceptible to any decay or degradation and is lighter, stronger, and more sustainable than timber.
  4. viAct: viAct has another unique feather to its crown. Unlike other peers in the ConTech ecosystem; viAct has developed a very simple, intuitive, ready-to-use deployment model. For using viAct there is no AI expertise needed, any on construction site with any CCTV camera with a minimum resolution of 2MP can simply use the RTSP link for connect to viAct’s smart cloud system to automate monitoring of the job site.
  5. Curium Pte Ltd: Curium develops time and space-saving multi-sensor calibration as a service, which in short brings safety and reliability to autonomous systems. It does not only expedite the Smart City development but also provide a safety framework to deploy such solution at scale.


Web3 Disruptors

A royal salute to the risk-takers that boldly venture into the Web 3.0 era. Companies or startups that are able to showcase significant real-world use-cases for the leap from Web 2.0 to the new 3.0.

  1. PANONY: At Panony, we invest in blockchain projects worldwide, assist 200+ startups worldwide with effective go-to-market strategies for successful launches and consult Fortune 500 companies for integration and expansion into the industry, spanning the entire spectrum of the blockchain industry from solution providers and exchanges to public chains, protocols and DApps.
  2. Accredify: “Accredify’s vision is to build a trust-less future through pioneering the transformation of our world into a global village interconnected by verifiable data. A future where the trustworthiness of any education credential, professional resume, business report, and everything else in between, would be a given. Our mission is to accelerate the world’s adoption of verifiable credentials by enabling secure ways of sharing trusted information at every stage of a person’s life.
  3. MetaDOS: MetaDOS is the first battle royale that adopts blockchain technology. This would make the game satisfying to the mass players (traditional players and crypto gamers)
  4. Perception Codes: Perception Codes started with the idea to develop a new kind of augmented reality that is 90% cheaper and more accessible than what is currently available for consumers. This is called our Desktop-AR. Since its release, we have partnered with several world class museums and schools around the world to bring them museum arts and artefacts which have been scanned in 3D and available for them to learn about in an augmented reality environment with a simple pair of 3D paper glasses (please have a look and test it for yourselves at https://www.holo-museum.com/).
  5. Singular: Singular’s mission is to democratize DeFi and First-Class financial tools for everyone. We believe anyone with a smartphone should have access to invest and participate in a Web3 world, so we’ve built Singular from the ground up making DeFi and Crypto investing user-friendly, gas-free, and decentralized.



Enterprise Award: Corporate Sustainability Champions

An accolade to recognize Multinational corporations or domestic business leaders on their exemplary efforts to incorporate Environmental, Social, and Governance(ESG) practices in their businesses in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG).

    1. Embiggen Group: The Embiggen Group is a corporate venturing group that builds and invests in game-changing ventures with trailblazing corporations at startup speed. Embiggen was established in 2020, and has since grown exponentially amidst a global pandemic. From a tight-knit group of 4 founders, Embiggen has since expanded to a team size of over 50. Embiggen recently launched two new services that aim to accelerate the rate of innovation of organizations worldwide: corporate venture building and venture capital-as-a-service.
    2. Cainiao Network: Cainiao began efforts to drive sustainable development since we were founded in 2013, and has been proactively introducing new innovations to deepen sustainability initiatives along the value chain and within the logistics and supply chain ecosystem, together with our partners and customers. Cainiao’s nuanced green logistics framework encompasses the entire value chain, comprising communities, recycling efforts, delivery services, packaging, and logistics parks, all of which play crucial roles contributing to a greener logistics and eCommerce ecosystem.
    3. TMX Global: TMX is Asia-Pacific’s leading business transformation consultancy. While others plan for the future, we invent it – creating the digital and supply chain solutions of tomorrow to make you go further, faster. We take the time to understand your business and then help you implement cutting-edge solutions that revolutionize how you work, transforming the journey from source to end customer.
    4. Income Insurance Limited: Income Insurance Limited first launched an innovative, industry-first lifestyle-based insurance proposition that revolutionizes the way consumers engage with, purchase, and obtain insurance in Singapore, known as SNACK in June 2020. SNACK has expanded its proposition in the last 2 years, with the aim of making financial products more accessible through its suite of offerings. SNACK was first launched to allow users to gradually stack their insurance coverage for Term Life, Personal Accident, or Critical Illness by paying micro-premiums at either $0.30, $0.50, or $0.70. A micro-policy is issued when a micro-premium is paid, covering the insured for 360 days. Users can decide when and how frequently premiums are paid by linking them to their preferred lifestyle triggers, such as shopping, dining, or taking public transport.
    5. VINFAST COMMERCIAL AND SERVICES TRADING LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY: VinFast is drastically driving the future of smart mobility with the ultimate goal of giving more people the opportunities to go electric by making EVs smarter and more accessible.



3rd Edition of ORIGIN Innovation Awards to Recognize Sustainable Innovations and Lasting Impacts [Updated 2022-07-04]