DataMesh, a United States-based enterprise metaverse platform, announced Thursday it has recently closed a new round of funding led by SIG Asia Investment, LLLP, followed by Singtel Innov8 and Global Brain.

“We continue to be optimistic about the DataMesh team’s comprehensive ability to help customers worldwide improve their digital infrastructure and achieve smart manufacturing. We look forward to serving more business users and frontline workers in the future, benefiting global customers, and ultimately creating a true enterprise metaverse,” SIG Asia Investment, LLLP, Nan Lv said in a statement.

DataMesh is a high-tech innovator which is building FactVerse, an enterprise metaverse with digital twin and XR technology. DataMesh FactVerse is the computing platform for digital twin factories and virtual facilities, which has been widely adopted in automotive factories, cargo airports, and large arenas.

FactVerse helps organizations leverage computer aided design (CAD), building information modelling (BIM), internet of things (IoT), knowledge and process data to create a digital twin platform, democratizing digital twin technology to bridge the digital world and the real world while empowering front-line workers in manufacturing, construction, and operations industries.

DataMesh works alongside customers across China, Japan, Southeast Asia, Australia, North America and more markets, where many constructions and manufacturing companies have adopted DataMesh software.

DataMesh was founded by former Microsoft employees in Seattle in 2014. With an research and development center in Beijing, it is currently setting up its global headquarters in Singapore. It believes in democratizing digital twin technology to bridge the digital world and the real world, connecting frontline workers.

Hundreds of enterprises have adopted DataMesh products and software as a service (SaaS) services, mainly in building construction, manufacturing, and facility operations and maintenance industries.

“Our investments reflect our focus on finding and supporting startups that can help Singtel deliver the best possible value and experiences for businesses across industries and markets in Singapore and the region. We found DataMesh’s industrial metaverse platform and zero-code XR design toolset, validated by leading customers in China, Japan, and Singapore, to be compelling and with great potential in the 5G era,

“In Singapore, DataMesh has worked closely with Singtel on the 5G@Sentosa project and won high praise for providing innovative solutions. We are excited to work with DataMesh to unlock further opportunities in the future,” said Kum Tho Wan, Managing Director, Asia Pacific Investments, Singtel Innov8.

Ken Kajii, General Partner, and Jie He, Director, Global Brain said in countries like Japan, China and Singapore, they have been excited about an accelerating trend and big potential of digital twin technology, which could upgrade industry infrastructure, almost in all sectors.

“DataMesh provides its cutting-edge, well-balanced, and ‘easy to operate’ digital twin solution for enterprise customers. Through its service, in Japan, DataMesh has gained strong traction in a lot of new customers that haven’t used digital twin before (e.g. call center), as well as deepened digital twin usage to operational level (e.g. construction),

“For example, DataMesh’s digital twin and XR products have been featured in landmark projects such as New Saga Arena in Saga Prefecture. As its close partner, we are excited to support DataMesh to continue expanding its presence in the global market with its continuously evolving products,” they said.

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