Indonesia-based ride-hailing giant Gojek said its services are not available in Malaysia and it has no current plans to enter the market.

“Gojek is not currently available in Malaysia and we have no current plans to enter the market,” a Gojek spokesperson told TechNode Global in an email. “The vehicle spotted was being filmed as part of an upcoming campaign that consumers in our existing markets can look forward to later this year.”

Gojek was responding to earlier reports that speculate the Indonesian e-hailing firm might be entering the Malaysian market after a car with Gojek logo was spotted in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia.

The first reported the development. As at June 7, 2022, there are 33 e-hailing companies licensed with the Land Public Transport Agency including Grab, MyCar, InDriver, AirAsia Ride, among others.

It was reported in November 2019 that Gojek, together with other bike-hailing companies like Dego Ride, will start a pilot run in Malaysia in January 2020.

Gojek has already predicted that its entry into Malaysia in 2020 will not be an easy ride. In a report in November, the company’s head of transport Raditya Wibowo said Malaysians were not used to the culture of being passengers ferried on motorcycles.

Raditya said then that Gojek was making preparations to enter the Malaysian market after getting approval from the government to provide its on-demand service platform by January 2020.

In July last year, Malaysian budget airlines AirAsia Group’s digital arm, AirAsia Digital announced the acquisition of Gojek’s operations in Thailand for $50 million.

Gojek, which merged with e-commerce firm Tokopedia to form GoTo Group last year, operates in 207 cities in Southeast Asia, across 22 services that include on-demand ride, food, payments, logistics, and lifestyle services.

Gojek has formally announced its international expansion in Vietnam, Singapore, and Thailand, according to its website.

AirAsia to acquire Gojek’s Thai operations for $50M via share swap deal