In line with its commitment to talent development in the gaming industry, Tencent Cloud — the cloud business of global technology company Tencent — announced on Monday the signing of a four-party Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Megazone Cloud, Korea Mobile Game Association (KMGA) and Yeonsung University. The agreement aims to nurture cloud-based mobile game developers in South Korea in order to establish a healthy and sustainable mobile game development ecosystem.

As agreed in the MoU, Tencent Cloud and Megazone Cloud have pledged to provide students of Yeonsung University with cloud computing training, ranging from basic cloud computing knowledge for beginners to intermediate courses specializing in game and media industry solutions powered by Tencent Cloud. Students and graduates from Yeonsung University may be presented with potential employment opportunities lined up by KMGA. Tencent Cloud will offer cloud services’ subscription credits and vouchers to independent mobile game companies while Megazone Cloud will provide consulting services and technical support to members or associated companies of KMGA.

The long-standing collaboration of Tencent Cloud and Megazone Cloud started in 2019 and has since grown and expanded to further provide various technical support services related to consulting, construction, and operation for successful cloud adoption by domestic and foreign customers. The signing of the MoU allows Tencent Cloud and Megazone Cloud to leverage their collaboration to harness more talents in the gaming development field and boost their efforts through working with KMGA and Yeonsung University and reaching out to young developers in South Korea.

Poshu Yeung, Senior Vice President, Tencent Cloud International, said: “The development of mobile gaming is considered to be one of today’s most vibrant and exciting fields, so it is no surprise that a significant number of South Koreans are drawn to learning more about it. With the signing of this four-party agreement, Tencent Cloud is glad to be a part of this educational and nurturing ecosystem to empower more current and future game developers, by providing them with the vital cloud technologies and tools they need. Looking forward, we are excited to engage in more collaborations that will develop, educate and inspire more talents in the fast-growing game industry.”

Joo-wan Lee, CEO and Founder of Megazone Cloud, said: “Through this four-party collaboration, we will continue to help build the Korean game industry ecosystem while nurturing developers in the cloud and game sectors. We will expand our collaboration with companies and academia including the ones in manufacturing and finances industry and in the gaming sector where cloud computing is being heavily leveraged.”

Sung-ik Hwang, Chairman of KMGA, said: “KMGA is pleased to participate in the MoU to solidify the foundation of South Korean mobile game developers. We hope to strengthen this four-party collaboration to turn it into a win-win opportunity.”

Min-hee Kwon, President of Yeonsung University, said: “At a time when cloud computing services became essential and common in the 4th Industrial Revolution, we are happy to join forces and sign an MoU with organization and industry to collaborate for the future of R&BD and education. In connection with LINC 3.0 project, we expect to realize the value of co-evolution in which students, universities, industries, and communities evolve and grow together by empowering talented people in games and cultural sectors while creating create corporate value.”

Tencent Cloud is dedicated to cultivating digital talents across all industries. It has recently announced collaborations with Kydon Group, KinderWorld International Group, Roopu Cloud, and more to provide courses and training for students and industry partitioners around the world.

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