The Airasia Super App, which was officially launched in Thailand earlier in February announced Tuesday the start of operations for its e-hailing service, Airasia Ride in Bangkok.

Thailand becomes the second country for Airasia Ride’s ASEAN expansion, and will offer taxi rides as part of its first phase of entry into the market, Airasia Super App said in a statement.

“As we are starting off with taxi service for Airasia Ride, we are targeting to capture 70 percent of international tourists arrival into Bangkok, especially with the reopening of borders and resumption of travel post-pandemic. The differentiation that Airasia Ride will offer is the option for passengers to have options to book our English-speaking drivers community, and a fleet of new taxis which will ensure a pleasant travel experience for tourists in Bangkok while using Airasia Ride,

“And of course, we also prioritise the drivers’ income opportunity and are happy to share that Airasia Ride taxi drivers take 100 percent of the fares they earn, as we do not impose the booking fee on drivers. Furthermore, passengers can be confident when booking Airasia Ride as our fares are transparent,” said Nirada Tuckawarut, Head of Airasia Ride Thailand.

According to the statement, there are currently 3,000 drivers registered with Airasia Ride in Bangkok, with plans to recruit more as the service expands across the city.

In line with the aim to capture the international tourist riders market, the next provinces which Airasia Ride aims to expand to are holiday destinations such as Phuket and Chiang Mai.

“We are very excited for the launch of Airasia Ride here in Bangkok today, as it completes the whole Airasia Super App ecosystem. Now, an Airasia Super App user arriving into Bangkok will have the full end-to-end experience, where they are able to book their flights, hotels and ride to their final destination all within the convenience of one single platform. Since our successful super app launch here in February, we have seen an increase of 53 percent in new users, mainly driven by our over-the-air (OTA) platform, which is our core business and we expect continued healthy growth of new users with the launch of Airasia Ride today.

“Congratulations to the whole Airasia Ride team in Thailand for working hard to get this service up and running by this quarter, and we look forward to serving more provinces across the country soon,” said Amanda Woo, Chief Executive Officer of Airasia Super App.

Last year, AirAsia Super App launched AirAsia Ride in the capital city Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It said it plans to rollout the e-hailing services in other countries including Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Singapore.

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