Singapore algorithms e commerce firm Adgorithmics and South Korea blockchain platform Klaytn Foundation announced Thursday a partnership to utilize non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for an e-commerce incentive system and customer loyalty program through the MetaGachas platform.

The first marketplace that uses this scheme is a social commerce app Tapao, where both sellers and buyers can get NFTs from each transaction, which can then be exchanged into vouchers or special promos on their next purchase, both parties said in a statement. 

This collaboration also marks the first use case of Web3 and NFT technology as a customer incentive and loyalty program in Indonesia.

According to the statement, each MetaGachas NFT has a different value, thus encouraging buyers to continue to make transactions and collect as many NFTs as possible.

On the other hand, more than 200 thousand sales agents who are members of Tapao will also get an NFT for every purchase. Sellers can use their NFTs to redeem attractive prizes, such as smartphones, game consoles, and laptops.

“This unique use case by MetaGachas is a refreshing take on how NFTs can provide clear and practical utility to their owners, as compared to the abstract benefits from common NFT use cases in art and games. The pilot project with Tapao will help us to validate this use case and serve as a benchmark for future use cases,” said David Shin, Head of Global Adoption at Klaytn Foundation.

Klaytn is a public blockchain platform developed by South Korea’s Kakao Corp, the parent company of Kakao Talk. Klaytn continues to expand and partner with global companies, including the Salim Group in Indonesia, through the Innovation Factory. As an open-source blockchain, Klaytn combines the best features of public and private blockchains to provide scale and speed for anyone looking to enter the metaverse.

Meanwhile, MetaGachas is a smart contract technology product that specializes in creating customer loyalty programs. The Komodo dragon is the main character of MetaGachas NFT, because it has become an iconic and charming fauna that is unique to Indonesia.

“Loyalty programs have been existing before and most are only points-based, but here we are making a breakthrough by using Web3 technology and deploying NFT MetaGachas as membership cards, as well as access points to special promotions. MetaGachas NFT utilization can be used by any online and brick-and-mortar store who want to level up their incentive and loyalty program,” said Michael Kim, Chief Executive Officer of Adgorithmics.

Adgorithmics is a “growth engine” company for e-commerce that leverages algorithms and Web3 technology, as well as artificial intelligence to enable merchants to easily create online stores and easily access features like NFT customer loyalty program, social media marketing, sales agent network, integrated payments, warehousing, and shipping.

As the first platform to run this advanced scheme, Tapao has already registered more than three thousand NFT holders in the early stage of the roll-out. There are also several thousand purchases on the platform made using NFTs. Currently, NFT holders can get a discount of up to 5 percent, and this discount can go up if they have a “legendary” set of NFTs.

According to the statement, MetaGachas will also continue to be developed to add to its utility, for example to access exclusive shops, exchange MetaGachas NFTs with friends, new NFT artworks, or allow online shops to mine their own unique NFTs.

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