TechCreate Solutions Private Limited (TechCreate), a Singapore-based technology services group specializing in digital payment and digitalisation solutions, and Diginius Pte. Ltd. (Diginius), a provider for information technology (IT) security and infrastructure solutions, on Tuesday announced a merger between both companies via a share swap transaction that will value the enlarged FinTech enterprise TechCreate Group at $30 million.

The enlarged FinTech enterprise TechCreate Group brings together two high-growth technology companies with unique and highly complementary solutions to deliver integrated and innovative payment solutions to banking and financial institutions in Asia, TechCreate said in a statement.

With a focus on powering the future of payments in Asia, TechCreate Group aims to provide cutting-edge innovation and technology capability to enhance value creation for its customers.

This will be achieved via expanding business scale with integrated solutions – having the capabilities to provide more comprehensive and integrated technology solutions related to payment and digitalisation platforms to serve new and existing customers across Asia.

The aim will also be achieved via strong potential to create new customer value propositions – ability to broaden its reach and serve diverse customer segments with differentiated requirements and objectives, thereby creating the opportunity and potential to develop proprietary insights and innovative solutions that are aligned with the new trends of payments and digitalisation in Asia.

According to the statement, the current Chief Executive Officer of TechCreate Lim Heng Hai, will be appointed as the group Chief Executive Officer of TechCreate Group, while the current Chief Executive Officer of Diginius Ronald Vong, will be designated as the Managing Partner of TechCreate Group.

“This is a transformational transaction for both companies, creating an enlarged company with end-to-end digital payment offerings in high-growth verticals as economies in Asia accelerate their digitisation roadmap. With our combined capabilities, it amplifies our mission be a leading innovative, customer-centric and eco-friendly technology solution provider in Asia,” said Lim.

As a trusted leader in digital solutions, TechCreate has been at the forefront of technology innovation and since its establishment. It has developed its own proprietary Real-Time Payment Engine (RTE) that can further enhance the payment capabilities of financial and banking institutions. Leveraging its technological expertise, legal experience and extensive operational track record, it has also successfully enabled end-to-end digital solutions (such as payment gateways, API gateways and blockchain solutions, among others) for several banking and financial institutions in Asia.

“We are confident that the strengths of the combined company will enable meaningful growth to stakeholders, delivering new value and insights to better serve our markets and customers. At the same time, it can accelerate our growth and more effectively capitalise on our pipeline and broader market opportunities within the banking and financial industries in Asia,” said Vong.

With Diginius’ strengths in intelligence and security for concrete cyber resilience, it has built a growing track record with a focus on delivering technology solutions related to cyber security, hyper-converged IT infrastructure and secure application services. It also works with some of the industry’s indisputable experts in cyber security and secured infrastructure services, combined with market-leading technologies to provide a springboard for the next phase of digital transformation.

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