OnMyGrad, a Hong Kong-based talent solution SaaS platform for campus recruitment and talent onboarding, has closed a pre-seed funding from 500 Global.

“Over the past 3 quarters, we have been rapidly growing as one of the hottest campus recruitment communities for both university students and employers in Hong Kong. With this traction, we are now working on our next round of 7-digit USD fundraising to accelerate our regional expansion and business growth,” OnMyGrad Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Anthony So said in a statement.

According to the statement, OnMyGrad which eyes on the regional market is going to set up offices in Singapore and Taiwan to support local community development.

It said that OnMyGrad aims at extending the space to a regional level allowing students from different geographical locations to work together, as talents are embracing higher geographical mobility in the pandemic era and work tasks can be completed with the help of a series of video meetings and collaborative softwares.

It also said that university students would definitely impress the interviewers with their ability and experience working in a multi-cultural context.

To achieve the goal, it said the team targets to close seed round funding by the third quarter this year.

“Being a Hong Kong startup, we are fortunate to be recognized by a globally-leading venture capital 500 Global. We shared the same vision in investing in innovative solutions for youth empowerment and talent matching in Southeast Asia,” said So.

OnMyGrad enables leading employers across different industries to connect with top talents in universities with virtual job work experience programs. It launched its minimal viable product (MVP) in March 2021. With traction in corporate partnership and student community, the team will extend its reach to a regional scale with more new functions to embrace “Future of Work”.

OnMyGrad is also working with employers and university students to bridge the gap between the skills learned in school and skills required in the workplace.

Supported by the pre-seed funding, OnMyGard is building a virtual space to let university students collaborate and showcase their works as a testimony of their abilities.

“Now is the best time to embrace the ‘Future of Work’. We are working with both sides, graduates participate in our virtual campaigns, and companies can learn from the deliverables and metrics to experiment what can be achieved in an online space. Most of the time, the young generation can deliver something beyond employers’ imagination,” said Jesse Chow, Co-Founder and Chief of Product of OnMyGrad,

Colin Wong, Co-Founder and Chief of Growth of OnMyGrad, also said: “Campus Recruiting is not a new sector, yet there are limited tools or platforms in Southeast Asia. We are doing some heavy-lifting for recruiters and career centers in universities by creating a Campus Engagement-focused platform. It is full of potential.”

500 Global is a venture capital firm with $2.3 billion in assets under management that invests early in founders building fast-growing technology companies. It focuses on markets where technology, innovation, and capital can unlock long-term value and drive economic growth. The fund works closely with key stakeholders and advise governments and corporations on how best to support entrepreneurial ecosystems so startups can thrive.

500 Global has backed over 6,000 founders representing more than 2,500 companies operating in 77 countries. Its portfolio includes 41 companies valued at over $1 billion and 125 companies valued at over $100 million. Its 140+ plus team members are located in more than 15 countries and bring experience as entrepreneurs, investors, and operators from some of the world’s leading technology companies.

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