EventX, a Hong Kong-based event software as a service (SaaS) firm, announced Tuesday it has raised an additional $8 million in Series B plus funding, bringing the company’s Series B total to $18 million.

The funding was led by GL Ventures, with participation from other investors, EventX said in a statement.

According to EventX, the new funding will go towards financing potential acquisitions, strengthening its international operations and expanding the company’s presence in Asia, particularly in Taiwan and Southeast Asia, with further investments in product development by scaling their products to transform virtual events with innovative offerings.

The company will also continue to expand their footprint in Asia with engineering, business development and new leadership hire. Striving for innovation, EventX will tap into virtual reality (VR) solutions that support a digitalized world and stay ahead of the curve in this ever-changing technological environment.

EventX is an Asian-focued SaaS company providing hybrid event management solutions. It enables brands and enterprises to unlock the power of virtual events, bringing authentic human connections and connecting people without limitations.

The company has experienced tremendous growth last year, with a 120 percent quarter-on-quarter rise in user’s event attendees in the fourth quarter of 2021. It has also seen sales comfortably increase by 5 times over the past few years. It has successfully provided solutions for high-growth event organizers across 100+ cities and now has served more than 5 million attendees.

EventX aims to become the tool for marketers to generate leads through running virtual events, which can save 90 percent of the cost. Built with smart features such as all-in-one customer relationship management (CRM), event analytics and email sending tools to streamline invitation, EventX’s virtual event platform strives to serve companies of all sizes to let them spot new business opportunities by enhancing audience reach, helping small and medium enterprises or even the startup community to strategically harvest leads through engaging and interactive events with its extensive expertise in event management.

Equipped with a strong and stable network, the company distinguished itself from other event SaaS providers by its ability to provide event organizers and participants a smooth online experience. The company provides first-rate and quality services and solutions to clients across Asian countries with a localized support team, offering brands a virtual cross-border event experience with fewer logistics arrangements and a streamlined process.

“Enterprises are already evolving themselves into the digital world and looking for a platform to create an innovative and targeted event for their audience and generate leads. Platform development will always top our first and foremost priority as we strive to stay competitive and make our customers ready for any business opportunities,” said Sum Wong, Chief Executive Officer of EventX.

As a growth accelerator for businesses, EventX has been supporting marketers and event organizers through an all-in-one platform with engaging virtual event features, such as customizable registration pages, 3D lobbies, event analytics and social networking lounge which enable organizers to deliver real engagement and first-class interaction with their audience.

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