Slime Royale, the non-fungible token (NFT) game project with an adorable 3D graphics style, announced that it has received a strategic investment and incubation support from Vietnamese game firm Appota Group.

A representative of the Slime Royale project said in a statement that the Appota Group’s investment and companionship would help Slime Royale access Appota Group’s ecosystem of more than 50 million users.

Additionally, with their experience in game publishing, Appota Group will provide appropriate strategic advice to make Slime Royale reach more users worldwide.

The development team will also use the investment from Appota Group to establish Slime Royale with a long-term vision, bringing blockchain technology closer to everyone and helping more people pursue their passion for enjoying the games and making money.

Although being a new NFT game, Slime Royale said it has proven its tremendous potential by passing many rigorous appraisal rounds to receive investment and incubation support from Appota Group.

Slime Royale is a game that combines exciting gameplay and the decentralized financial model: decentralized finance (DeFi), allowing players to both enjoy the game and earn money from their skills. Since its official announcement to the market, Slime Royale has quickly attracted the gaming community’s attention thanks to its in-depth gameplay system.

Compared with other NFT games, in Slime Royale, players need to have squad arranging skills based on lineups, tactics, classes, and the game control ability to win the match.

“Games are interactive experiences, and they are ways for players to immerse themselves in a different world. Unlike a movie where you just sit down and watch, a game must give the player complete control. Slime Royale gameplay will be challenging for the players. So we intend to create a game experience that when players complete a level or mission, they can feel like they have to work for it and accomplish something. And first of all, we want to create a game that we will love and want to play,” said Slime Royale’s representative.

Meanwhile, to solve the problem of inflation of NFT price and build a sustainable economic system, Slime Royale chose a new strategy: attract both play-to-earn players and pay-for-fun players.

In a traditional game, revenue from pay-for-fun players is most of the system’s revenue. Players will pay directly to the game company, and trading between players is not recommended.

While with Slime Royale, the team aims to create a game that encourages pay-for-fun players to trade with play-to-earn players. Slime Royale will work as a platform, supporting players to create, own, and exchange their NFT assets.

To accomplish this mission, Slime Royale has two essential principles:

1) All NFT items in Slime Royale must be a hard cap at a minimal quantity, which will protect the economy and the NFT Slime owners’ benefit from NFT inflation;

2) The game must be fun and attractive to pay-for-fun players. The more exciting and engaging the game, the more players will want to play, thereby increasing the demand for NFT Slimes.

As a commitment, Slime Royale will release only 10,000 Purity Slimes – the first NFT Slimes of the game. In other words, Purity Slimes are capped at 10,000 total and guaranteed by a smart contract. All of the other NFT slimes will be created by the Purity Slime owners.

In conclusion, Slime Royale’s mission is to create a fun NFT game with a balanced economic system, where all players with different purposes can enjoy the game and achieve benefits for themselves.

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