From sustainable packaging materials to new ways to diagnose and treat cancers, TechInnovation 2021 will showcase an array of groundbreaking technologies from around the world that could revolutionize industries and change the world.

The event, presented by IPI, returns for its 10th edition this year as a digital event that will run around the clock from September 28 to 30, 2021. One hundred and sixty international exhibitors will present over 400 technologies in the virtual TechInnovation exhibition, with the goal of enabling eco-friendly consumption, improving food production, and securing people’s health.

Technologies waiting to be discovered

The exhibitors include Indonesia’s National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), which is participating in TechInnovation for the first time and will be sharing more about its most promising technologies in the fields of food, feed, environment, and health.

One of the technologies is a starch-based bio-composite material that could be deployed as a sustainable, non-toxic, and bio-absorbable packaging material. BRIN is seeking partners to help produce and commercialize the product.

“We want to be part of TechInnovation because the event is very prestigious and attended by many people from different countries. We hope to find partners both at home and abroad for research, development, and commercialization collaborations,” said Theresia Ningsi Astuti, Coordinator of Research and Innovation Infrastructure Partnership Development, BRIN.

BRIN is also exhibiting a smart, low-cost sanitizer that uses ultraviolet-c (UVC) light to prevent the spread of unwanted microorganisms such as the COVID-19 coronavirus. Another one of its inventions is a herb-based anti-cellulite cream that uses nano-silver particles which have antibacterial properties. It is aiming to find partners for both.

The Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) is introducing pioneering technologies created by its researchers, schools, and spin-off firms. “We have always closely partnered with IPI, and thanks to IPI’s great team, we have had good technology transfer and commercialization experiences,” said Ir Dr Alfred Tan, Head of HKBU’s Knowledge Transfer Office.

“TechInnovation is one of the very few major events that we participate in every year and one of the few tech forums where real business is done,” added Dr Tan.

Herbap Biotech, a HKBU spin-off company, is featuring its phytonutrient-based remedial fluid that significantly suppresses the activation and proliferation of skin myofibroblasts in patients with hypertrophic scars or keloids. People can use this fluid in the form of a skincare product to prevent scars after injuries or surgery, or to shrink, soften, and flatten existing raised scars.

MIND and Tech Limited, another HKBU spin-off firm, is bringing its non-invasive Alzheimer’s disease detection kit to the online exhibition. “Compared to the commercially available ELISA kits, our kit provides additional options on the sample types, such as testing of saliva and urine samples. It is also more sensitive and cheaper,” expressed its founder, Prof Ricky Wong Man Shing.

Innovate UK, the United Kingdom’s public innovation agency, highlighted that TechInnovation fosters productive cross-border relationships. “We are a longstanding supporter and have brought business delegations to this premier technology-to-industry event,” shared David Campbell-Molloy, Partnership Manager for Asia at Innovate UK.

“We also see big opportunities for UK-Singapore innovation collaboration across the advanced manufacturing and materials sector. We believe the UK has technology strengths and capabilities that can help Singapore to achieve its ambitions,” he continued.

As part of the Innovate UK delegation, software firm Intellegens will demonstrate its machine learning solution that can quickly and accurately fill in gaps in datasets.

Vision Intelligence, another company, will take visitors through its advanced video analytics systems to boost productivity in manufacturing. Alterix, a third business, will display its rotary sensors to upgrade robots that work alongside each other or with humans.

Learn, connect, collaborate

TechInnovation 2021, which has the theme of “A Sustainable and Resilient Future”, will also have conference sessions led by industry leaders in technology and design-led innovation.

These include Dr Doron Myersdorf, the co-founder and chief executive officer of StoreDot, a leading developer of next-generation electric vehicle batteries. He will give a presentation on “Extreme Fast Charging – Securing A Sustainable Future of Clean Energy”.

Alex Ward, Chief Operating Officer of food tech start-up Next Gen Foods, will talk about “Alternative Proteins That Could Transform Our Diets”, while Siow Ai Li, Managing Director of Siemens Healthineers, will discuss “Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare”.

TechInnovation 2021 attendees can also consult with innovation advisors and technology experts, who are industry veterans and domain experts, and connect one-on-one with potential collaborators through video meetings.

Feng Zengkun is a freelance writer and journalist based in Singapore. He focuses on environment and scientific research issues and has written for Singapore’s government agencies and universities, including the Public Utilities Board, the National University of Singapore, and Nanyang Technological University. He was formerly an environment correspondent for The Straits Times in Singapore.

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