Editor’s note: This interview is part of a Q&A series with winners of the ORIGIN Innovation Awards 2020. oneCHARGE is a winner in the category Startup Awards–IoT.

oneCHARGE, a startup based in South Korea, Hong Kong, and Macau, has a mission to accelerate the development of EV infrastructure and develop innovative hardware and software technology. Founded in 2017, its aim is to give EV owners, property owners and developers, government, charging network operators, car manufacturer,s and fleet operators total control of EV chargers and charging stations through their smartphone and browser.

Its EV chargers, combined with the oneCHARGE APP and management console for the management, provide users unparalleled levels of control and information over their charging experience, all delivered with reasonable pricing, and easy-to-use package experience.

Cyrus Chow Ying Wai, Co-Founder and CEO, oneCHARGE
Cyrus Chow Ying Wai, Co-Founder and CEO, oneCHARGE

In this TechNode Global Q&A, Cyrus Chow Ying Wai, Co-Founder and CEO at oneCHARGE, shares how the company aims to accelerate the transformation of vehicles into zero-emission, quieter and safer electric vehicles era, bringing a better and sustainable life to the community. oneCHARGE is a team with experts in EV engineering and development. The development team has over 40 years of experience combined in developing EV charging systems and solutions. Apart from just tech, the company’s team has all-rounded abilities from R&D to software development, to masterplan development, and also sales and marketing.

What are the trends shaping the EV industry today?

  • EVs become popular in recent years, the market is growing rapidly in recent year.
  • EU Makers are producing EVs extensively. More models available from 2020.
  • More people choose EVs when they change cars since there have higher range and have more available choice of models.
  • Charging speed became faster since charging infrastructure is developing quickly recently.

What are the key challenges in ensuring optimal charging infrastructure for EVs, and how can companies like oneCHARGE address these with smart solutions?

  • Lack of chargers: Developing low-cost, efficient EV chargers
  • Charging speed slow: Developing faster and more energy-efficient charger
  • Lack of reserve power in old buildings: Decentralized energy distribution and load balancing
  • Difficult to manage and pay collection: oneCHARGE App – one-stop payment and charger navigator

oneCHARGE has specialized in designing electric vehicle charging systems with Computer Vision, AI, and cloud technologies, which optimize the usage rate and operation efficiency compared with the traditional EV chargers.

oneCHARGE is specialized in the local user experience and design, smoothing the operation flow for both user management and user, and increase the reliability of the EV charging system. oneCHARGE is targeted to be a major EV charging solutions provider in Korea and other Asia Market.

How can the use of artificial intelligence and computer vision optimize EV charging from the perspective of the various stakeholders, including energy providers, manufacturers, and customers?

oneCHARGE believes that making charging stations from owners, by owners is one of the best ways to look into the pain points, solving the problems by technologies, and more importantly, Human Technology, a sleek, simple way to solve charging difficulties. oneCHARGE started developing innovative, simple to use, stable and durable chargers, management systems for properties and easy-to-use user application in the EV infrastructure sector. oneCHARGE is also the leading solution of Computer Vision and AI charging.