Neurabot Lab (Neural Robotic) is a Digital Laboratory Platform that uses Smart Image Screening and Intelligent Robotics (Hardware) to help in object identification and machine learning for the Bio-Tech Industry at an affordable price. Neurabot’s system has a high degree of identification and classification accuracy to assist in the work of doctors, researchers and academics with regards to cellular research and bio-tech innovations.

Neurabot’s vision is to build an Image Analysis Algorithm capable of extracting information from Digital Image, Video and Microscopic content that goes far beyond the human eye’s processing capability. Their expertise and solutions in Cell Selection Identification and Classification with Artificial Intelligence is targeted at resolving problems in the industry of Medical Research.

Mr Indarto, Founder and CEO, Neurabot

What’s your story?

I graduated from Gadjah Mada University, with a degree in Veterinary Medicine. After graduation, I started work in a company that was engaged in Laboratory hardware and Smart Home appliances in Jogjakarta — Indonesia. Wanting to do more than just a day job, I tried to then establish an IoT (Internet of Things) company in the Livestock Industry. Since then, I have always been on the lookout for opportunities in the midst of problems. One of them was the many issues that inconvenienced research identification analysis, especially in the Medical and Bio-Tech industry. This gave me the inkling to start Neurabot, which seeks to ease the many pain points we have identified among the researchers.

What were some of the obstacles that Neurabot faced during its initial years and how did your team overcome it?

The main obstacle that we faced in the first year is the user validation process as our targeted users are research experts and scientists in fields like Pathology and BioTechnology. This indicated that outreach to these researchers to test Neurabot’s product was a lot harder than usual as these researchers are harder to target given their busy schedules and niche expertise. Despite that, it did not faze us as our team continued to build pipelines to connect with these researchers. I too tried to leverage on my connections from my past job to find willing parties to trial and test the software, and from there, we managed to obtain a small pool of beta-users that were willing to provide feedback on how we can better improve the product for launch.

The secondary obstacle that we faced is fundraising. One of the main reasons for this was that there was a lacking pool of investors interested in investing in industries like Bio-Tech, Medicine, Agriculture and Livestock. However, despite these obstacles, we continued to persist to refine our user validation processes to build a product that met the vigorous demands of the different industries. Once we managed to attain a decent and reliable product, it then became a tad easier to speak to the limited pool of investors to raise our seed funding.

How does your company separate itself from other competitors in the Bio-Tech (AI) industry?

Neurabot differentiates itself from its competitors by the type of services we provide. We focus on the Tele-Laboratory field (Digital Laboratory Platform) using Computer Vision Technology. Our competitors have instead focused only on the Telemedicine sector with a B2C user-focus. Given this, I would deem that Neurabot currently operates in a niche industry, where there are no direct competitors that we are aware of at the moment.

A team member of Neurabot hard at work

What do you think should be the most important characteristic for a startup and its team to possess?

I think that the most important characteristic the team needs to have in building a startup is resilience. One is bound to face a multitude of problems when starting a company. The difference between those who fail and those who succeed is the act of getting up again when one is being knocked down time and time again to continue pursuing the goals that they have.

What are you working on right now that motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

The mission is what motivates me to remain on this long journey. To wake up knowing that what I am trying to build will bring benefits to everyone and the environment gets me pumping to give my best every day. At Neurabot, we seek to be the company that provides the best service for the BioTech Industry, where we want our products to remain crucial and useful for the future of humanity.

Equipment used by Neurabot to refine and develop their products

What is your company’s five-year plan? Any market expansion plan in the pipeline?

Neurabot’s five-year plan is to build the First Laboratory Platform in Southeast Asia and begin our expansion across the different Asian markets where we will witness the immense potential growth of these markets in the next decade.