Zhongchao Inc. Announces the Application of ChatGPT to Elevate Patient Management Service Capabilities and Experience

SHANGHAI, Feb. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Zhongchao Inc. (NASDAQ: ZCMD) (“Zhongchao” or the “Company”), a platform-based internet technology company offering services to patients with oncology and other major diseases, today announced the application of ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer) for content creation and patient interactions to enhance the capabilities in delivering quality experience of patient management services. ChatGPT is a language model developed by OpenAI that learns and produces conversational content through natural language processing powered by artificial intelligence technology to interact with users in chat and continuously learn to improve the user experience.

The Sunshine Health Forums and Zhongxin, both operated by the PRC operating entities that Zhongchao consolidates the financial statements with through certain contractual agreements, provide medical knowledge education and treatment process management services with patients through a comprehensive array of resources, including media matrix, anti-cancer encyclopedia, online consultation, and medication management. These platforms offer patients with instant answers and clarifications for complex and professional issues and questions encountered during self-diagnosis, diagnostic and treatment process, serving as a valuable reference for patients’ consultation, treatment, and health maintenance. Given the wide variety of human diseases and the huge amount of medical information, patient management requires efficient production of massive medical content and prompt patient interactions. In a further effort to enhance patient experience, Zhongchao will apply ChatGPT on the existing platforms of Wechat Public Account and Mini-Program on WeChat to improve the efficiency of producing graphics, videos, and other contents, promptly respond and interact with patients, and manage patient emotions and experiences. Zhongchao places a strong emphasis on delivering a superior patient experience. In addition, patients will be alerted that contents provided by ChatGPT will be solely for reference and convenience to users and shall not be relied on for diagnostic or treatment purposes. To address patients’ demand for personalized services, the Company may plan to harness ChatGPT’s power of advanced thinking and computing capabilities to develop customized disease management models and intelligent tools that cater to the specific needs and conditions of each patient, ensuring patients receiving individualized and tailored services regardless of their varying disease types, stages, health conditions, and mental states.

Weiguang Yang, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Zhongchao, commented, “as a platform-based internet technology company, Zhongchao is steadfast in its commitment to leveraging innovative information technology to develop patient education models and management tools to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of patient management. We believe that the Company’s application of ChatGPT to patient education and management will greatly enhance patient service experience and open up new avenues for growth in the patient-related business. Moving forward, we will continue to explore the full potential of ChatGPT and evaluate other emerging technologies to providing advanced solutions to enhance patient experience.”

About Zhongchao Inc.

Zhongchao Inc. is an offshore holding company incorporated in the Cayman Islands. It conducts operations in China through the contractual arrangements between its wholly owned subsidiary and PRC operating entities. Zhongchao Inc. is a platform-based internet technology company offering services to patients with oncology and other major diseases. The PRC operating entities provide online healthcare information, professional training and educational services to healthcare professionals under their “MDMOOC” platform (www.mdmooc.org), offer patient management services in the professional field of tumor and rare diseases through Zhongxin, offer internet healthcare services through Zhixun Internet Hospital, and pharmaceutical services through Xinjiang Medical and operate an online information platform, Sunshine Health Forums, to general public. More information about the Company can be found at its investor relations website at http://izcmd.com.

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