Z-COM Outdoor Access Point Won the 31st Taiwan Excellence Award

HSINCHU, Nov. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Known as the Oscar of the industry, the 31st “2023 TAIWAN EXCELLENCE Taiwan Excellence Award” was selected based on the four major professional aspects of R&D, design, quality and marketing. Every year, eligible candidates are subjected to a rigorous and stringent selection system to identify outstanding products that offer “Innovative Value” while satisfying the key criterion of being “made in Taiwan“.  Z-COM outdoor wireless access point SP230-S5 stood out in the competitive selections and won the award 2023. Z-COM was invited to the 31st Taiwan Excellence Award ceremony held by TAITRA on November 23 and GM Catherine Wu presented Z-COM was bestowed the certification of Taiwan Excellence 2023. 


SP230-S5 is positioned as the last mile or backhaul outdoor wireless access point for developing countries and remote areas. With reliable, high quality & long distance transmission ability, it can transmit video streams up to 6 KM. SP230-S5 is able to be configured and controlled by Z-COM Wireless LAN controller remotely. Once it detects the bottleneck network connectivity, it will reboot self-healing to reconstruct network connection. With low power consumption and PoE out capability, it can be deployed easily and quickly. All these features can solve the problem of insufficient manpower for equipment maintenance and accelerate network penetration. Besides, Umbrella shape with unique bevel design can prevent from bird standing and water leakage. Wide temperature, lightning protection, IP67 and 14-level wind resistance, etc. enables SP230-S5 to withstand extreme weather and outdoor environments.