Yunji’s Technology-empowered Private Label SUYE Celebrates Its 12th Anniversary

HANGZHOU, China, Aug. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Yunji Inc. (“Yunji” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: YJ), a leading membership-based social e-commerce platform, today announced the celebration of its private-label skin care brand SUYE’s 12th anniversary. SUYE generated over 21 million RMB sales of its high-quality products during its anniversary month of July, including its newly launched GHK-Cu (Copper Glycyl-histidine-tripeptide) multi-effect repairing freeze dried set and polypeptide anti-wrinkle kit. In line with its 12-year development as a socially-conscious brand, SUYE actively participates in charitable activities and contributes to social welfare.

SUYE provides customers with effective and professional products by leveraging its cutting-edge biotechnology and by partnering with top-tier international companies in product development. Since 2016, SUYE has collaborated with a Netherlands-based company, and their joint research revealed the effective anti-aging properties of peptides. Building on this discovery, SUYE has invested extensively in peptide research and developed a wide variety of products that utilize their unique properties. SUYE has gradually implemented product-development strategies that enable its customers to better meet their skin care needs, incorporating professional ingredients typically only utilized in medical aesthetics into its product line. During 2021, SUYE further embraced this approach by launching skin care products that contain ingredients used in mesotherapy treatments. With a research philosophy that emphasizes innovation and application of the latest advances in medical aesthetics, Yunji is committed to providing its customers with safe and effective skincare solutions.

In addition to these successful product developments, SUYE has further committed itself to philanthropic causes. SUYE has partnered with nonprofit dental care provider Future Smile Charitable Foundation, Alibaba’s public welfare group, and other organizations to launch its “Donate for Love” welfare initiative. Donate for Love provides free medical examinations and reconstructive surgery for patients with head and facial deformities, allowing them to smile more confidently.

Shanglue Xiao, Founder and CEO of Yunji, commented, “We are excited by the enthusiastic reception SUYE’s biotechnology-infused products have received from our users. As one of Yunji’s beauty brands’ key private labels, SUYE is synonymous with high-quality products that deliver innovative and effective anti-aging solutions.”

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