Young Entrepreneurs’ Online Ventures Making Great Waves

MANILA, Philippines, Feb. 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Managing your own business is no easy feat. Each day is filled with surprises and challenges but those who endure and thrive find overflowing fulfillment.

Jensen Duyag and Harwin Chen stand out not only as successful sellers but also as compassionate individuals navigating the industry with resilience and a commitment to making a positive impact through their businesses.

Collaborative Environment

Jensen, the owner of Sasa Fashion Shop, who took over her sister’s business at a young age, admitted that he didn’t initially take the business seriously. However, he eventually came around after seeing the fruit of his efforts.

Jensen, owner of Sasa Fashion Shop during Lazada Awards last November 2023

Sasa Fashion Shop, a go-to for quality and affordable clothes, was recognized as the 2023 Best in Women’s Fashion – Marketplace at the annual Lazada Awards. The 26-year-old owner expressed his pride in receiving recognition, serving as motivation, instilling confidence that there’s room for continuous improvement and success, “I am very glad and happy. It’s a pleasure to have this,” he said. “I believe we can do better, and grow together with Lazada.”

For Jensen, partnering with Lazada has been a transformative journey with the support and guidance from his Key Account Managers. These managers guided him through every step, from maximizing Lazada University resources, to leveraging campaigns and various shopping mechanics for enhanced customer engagement. Jensen appreciates the collaborative environment, stating, “They helped me a lot in how to navigate Lazada, growing my business, and I really enjoy working with them.”

From a team of two to employing almost 200 people across the entire supply chain, Jensen has witnessed substantial growth in his company. This underscores Lazada’s ability to facilitate business expansion and create job opportunities. Despite the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape and with continuing tech innovation, he remains confident in achieving continued success.

Sustainable and Inclusive Growth

Harwin, the co-founder and CEO of TechTime Trade, a specialty store distributing quality computer parts and accessories since 2016, exemplifies an entrepreneur managing business growth while prioritizing employee well-being. Harwin’s homegrown store aims to fulfill a common man’s tech needs or the computer enthusiast looking to enhance their gaming experience by providing easy access to the high-quality products.

Harwin Chen, co-Founder and CEO of TechTime Trade

During Lazada’s mega campaigns like 3.3, 6.6, and 11.11, TechTime Trade experiences 15x increase in its daily sales compared to a regular day, thanks to the store’s increased visibility enabled by Lazada’s marketing solutions. During these surges in demand, Harwin recalls how his team’s collective efforts helped manage the business. He says, “Teamwork is the key element across the company, and seeing various departments in unity is fulfilling for me to see as a boss.”

The young CEO who operates multiple businesses across different industries, emphasizes the importance of promoting sustainable growth, explaining, “My hope for my e-commerce business is for it to become independent, for my staff to become well-trained, well-informed professionals who can handle the daily tasks on their own and make decisions independently, leveling up their overall competence,” Harwin says. “This not only allows me to focus on other aspects but also contributes to creating more job opportunities for others.”

The experiences of Jensen and Harwin in building promising brands exemplify dedication, resilience, and unwavering commitment. Lazada’s passion in supporting Filipinos not only empowers local brands but also champions entrepreneurs through continuous innovation. At the core of this unwavering support is Lazada University, an interactive hub providing self-paced training, live-streamed and on-demand videos, as well as offline workshops. These resources ensure access to crucial tools and knowledge, covering various aspects such as basic store operations, leveraging campaigns, promotional strategies, and industry insights. This equips sellers to thrive on Lazada and beyond. This comprehensive support is instrumental in helping entrepreneurs become a successful online seller, enabling them to make lasting impact in their respective communities.

Sasa Fashion Shop’s owner, Jensen Dayug, joined by the Lazada team, radiates pride as they receive the Best in Women’s Fashion-Marketplace award at the 2023 Lazada Awards ceremony.


Harwin Chen, Co-Founder and CEO of Techtime Trade (right most), stands proudly with fellow Lazada Seller Ambassadors during last year’s 11.11 seller conference.